2nd Quarter Library Report

January 2022

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Winter Fun!

The second quarter in the Library was filled with FUN as our students learned many new skills and engaged in motivating activities and lessons! We have circulated 7,211 items so far this year, with our most popular item once again being the graphic novel, Guts, Raina Telgemeier for the second consecutive quarter!

Please click here to check out the complete 2nd Quarter At-A-Glance Library Schedule!

PreK Library Visits

Our wonderful PreK class enjoyed several fun units in Library during the second quarter, including a Thankful Unit in November, a Nick Bruel Bad Kitty Unit in December, and a Gingerbread Unit in January!

Kindergarten Studies Lois Ehlert & Jan Brett

Kindergarten spent the second quarter learning about two awesome authors: Lois Ehlert & Jan Brett! While learning about Lois, students loved making collages like the ones in her books. Then while reading Jan's books, students really enjoyed using the "extra illustrations" located around the borders of the pages to make inferences and predictions.

First grade Learns About WINTER

First grade explored all things winter during the second quarter! Using a variety of nonfiction and fiction books, we learned all about animal behavior, changes in daylight (solstice), and important pioneer snowflake photographer, Wilson Bentley! Using customized IFC benchmark assessments, like those pictured above, really helped to reinforce the targeted standards for this unit.

Second Grade Wraps Up Biographies & Learns About Citizenship

Second grade did an outstanding job on this year's 2nd Grade Biography book where each student contributed an original biography they wrote about a person in their own lives! After that, we studied six facets of Citizenship through the lens of important Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. using both books and the database PebbleGo.

Third Grade Compares & Contrasts Global Little Red Stories

In a multicultural unit focusing on folklore from around the globe, third graders spent the second quarter learning the rich history of Folk Tales while comparing & contrasting Little Red Riding Hood stories from Germany, China, & Africa. They practiced notetaking skills and critical thinking.

Fourth Grade Practices Valuable Research Skills

Fourth grade spent the second quarter learning the significance of using reliable sources and creating citations. We first practiced these skills by using Britannica Online & Gale Elementary in Context, and then put our new skills to use in our first real Library research project about NYS topics of their choice. They are doing a GREAT job!

Fifth Grade Learns About Digital Citizenship

Fifth grade learned the importance of using digital resources safely, ethically, and skillfully in a Digital Citizenship Unit during the second quarter. We learned important vocabulary, practiced website evaluation, and created NoodleTools accounts as part of this valuable unit. We are now learning how to use NoodleTools by creating a variety of citations & notecards.

Sixth Grade Researches Modern Marvels

Sixth grade wrapped up their Greek Mythology research project in December by presenting their Rick Riordan inspired Demigod stories. Now we have moved on to an evidence based claim research project where students have chosen a modern structure of their choice and are building an argument to back up their claim with research.
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Eighth Grade Music Research

Eighth grade spent the second quarter also working on an evidence based claim research project. Students selected a controversial topic of their choice related to music, and then used the database Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints to locate expert articles that represented at least two different viewpoints. Students were asked to analyze each viewpoint and to identify key evidence to support each. Then students discussed their view on the topic, citing relevant evidence to back up their claim. They then wrote a formal research paper complete with in-text citations and a bibliography which they presented during class.

Curriculum Support in the ASPIRE Room

The second quarter saw an exciting development in my work with the ASPIRE students. Beginning with having Caeden visit the Library daily to borrow and return books of his choice, now both boys come to the Library for class each week! It is exciting to have them visit as it offers further opportunity to build on their developing social skills. We have been focusing on magnets and the concepts of push and pull in recent weeks.

Professional Development & Collaborations

The second quarter was busy with enriching professional development opportunities and a variety of professional & collegial collaborations.

First, I was so excited to be able to attend an online webinar called, "Why Wordless" sponsored by the Eric Carle Museum on December 6, 2021. Celebrated author & illustrator (and 5 time Caldecott winner!) David Wiesner lead an all-star group of wordless picture book authors as they discussed the importance of this literary format and its many applications and uses within the curriculum. Barbara Lehman, Chris Raschka, and Matthew Cordell all discussed their own award-winning books and curriculum connections. It was very inspiring, and quite exciting as we had attendees from literally all across the globe!

I also attended the January Questar Library Communication Coordinators meeting on January 12, where we discussed updates to Teaching Books as well as learned from each other through three peer presentations. Information about our shared eBook collection in OverDrive was also shared. These are always invaluable opportunities to network and share ideas with regional library colleagues.

On January 19th I hosted Liz Jamison, Librarian for the Lansingburg School District, as part of her effort to visit regional school libraries to see a variety of programs in action. Liz, a former GD employee, was impressed with the great work we're all doing each and every day!

John Lantz and I partnered up on a nonfiction research project for 6th grade ELA in November & December. I set up a shared NoodleTools inbox for the project and John and I team taught the skills and fully collaborated on the assessment of student work. It was a great example of collaboration at its best!

And I was excited to finally kick off the 6th grade ELA Book Clubs right after the holiday break. John Lantz and I worked together in December to select participants and to define the objectives for this enrichment opportunity. We share a Google Classroom page where assignments and assessments are organized and housed. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing experience!

To see an overview of more collaborations, check out my Collaboration Log here.