December 5, 2012

iPad Texting App WARNING


KIK is no longer an approved iPad app. If you have the app, you must delete it from your iPad today. I'll run a report tomorrow and contact anyone who does not delete it. I will also be sending an email out to your parents letting them know about this decision.

We've made this decision about KIK because students have been using it for inappropriate purposes, and the company has been unwilling to cooperate with us.


Cyber-bullying: Rules to live by

If you are bullied online, or if someone communicates with you in an inappropriate way, . . .

1. Talk to a trusted adult.

2. Don't delete the message. Take screenshots of the messages.

3. Be yourself online -- do not create fake identities.


Be safe online

1. Be careful when chatting online -- the person you are chatting with may not be who you think they are.

2. Keep your identity private. Do not give out your full name, address, or phone number online.

3. Be careful when posting pictures of yourself or friends online. Those pictures of you and your friends at the lake may be cute, but once posted you have no control over them.


Gmail app gets an update

Yesterday, Google released its Gmail 2.0. Go to the App Store and install the update. Google says this update allows for multiple accounts, an infinite scrolling inbox, inline Calendar RSVP, automatic search predictions as you type, and a new cleaner look.

Below is a video review of Gmail 2.0.

Gmail 2.0: New Redesigned Look and Feel To iOS!!