Guernsey College of FE Weekly Newsletter Issue 24

Welcome to ENGAGE

Welcome to this weeks issue of ENGAGE. Thank you for your support. Keep talking.

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Planning ahead- Next steps.

Over the last two weeks, we have gathered yet more feedback in forming a view about the future of curriculum and as a result the impact on staffing structure at the College and corporate support services systems. On Thursday 29 January 2015 at 4pm I will be sharing with you the outcome of our consolidation of these views. This will commence our process of openly sharing with you the principles behind the proposal, the recommendations about the future staffing structure and impact that may have on the future investments for resources at the College. Over the next few weeks we will be debating and having a dialogue about the merits and impact of these recommendations with a view to finalise this proposal for approval of the Board of Governors in March. We will be seeking your views on the scope, effectiveness, and impact of the recommendations in order to achieve our intended strategic objectives.

The College SMT has identified the Critical Success Criteria for ensuring a valid measurable gauge as to if the proposed structure will offer the college the best level of agility and flexibility needed to meet the changes and challenges ahead.

These are:

1. Improve the quality of learning and learning opportunities

2. Ensure right people in the right jobs doing the right things

3. Provide (re)investment opportunities for the College's infrastructure

4. Provide opportunities for people to develop , progress and feel valued

5. Meets and exceed the demands of Guernsey PLC and community

6. Brings flexibility and agility that is needed to futureproof our structure

We will use a systematic approach to gather your thoughts and provide you with a variety of ways you can contribute to the formation of the future plans. Over the next 7 weeks there will be 7 Update news under the CFE review news desk section of Engage. In here you can read and see how your views will be shaping the future plans. Keep talking!

I would like to see as many of you attending the all staff briefing. If you are unable to attend a link to the video that will be made of the session will be shared with you afterwards and as usual you can book a time to come and see me and get your questions answered.

There will be independent facilitation of question and answers taking place during 30 January 2015.

Coutanchez 10 – 11am

LOC 14:15 – 15:15 and

Delancey 15.30 – 16:30.

If you cannot make any of these times, I will also be available, in the Committee Room at the Coutanchez Campus on Monday 2 February from 2pm – 4pm

I look forward to seeing as many of you at the all staff briefing next week.

I wish you a restful weekend.

Saboohi Famili

Chief Executive and Principal

A welcome apology from Guernsey Press

Earlier this week, Guernsey Press published an article on the recent employer engagement with regards to the Guernsey College of Further Education (GCFE), which outlined the College’s commitment to working with industry across the island to ensure tertiary education on Guernsey is truly fit for purpose.

In an otherwise accurate and positive article, Chief Executive and Principal - Saboohi Famili- was quoted as suggesting that future provision “would require a massive shift in teachers’ skill sets”. This was simply not true. I had this response from Rosie in an open letter I wrote to the Editor of Guernsey press. You can read the open letter here. https://www.scribd.com/doc/253494116/Open-Letter-to-Guernsey-Press-22-1-15

Dear Saboohi

I'm writing to apologise for the error that I made in transcribing my shorthand notes of our interview together. I have checked back over what I wrote and hold my hands up for making the mistake. I am sorry.

I have spoken with the news editor and let him know that I'm at fault.

Yours apologetically


I would like to thank Rosie for her excellent journalism attitude and welcome this apology.

Saboohi Famili


Following the rejection by staff from 10 of the 11 Unions present at the recent ASEO meeting of the Pensions Offer made by the employer. ASEO has reverted to the Deputy Langlois asking for a meeting of the Pensions Consultative Committee.

Many of you will have seen the media flurry that has ensued and all of you should have received the following email from Simon Elliott-

Dear Colleagues

In November I advised you of developments in the review of public sector pension schemes. I can now advise of further developments and the procedure which will now be followed.

The Association of States Employees Organisations has advised the employer that the members of their organisations have not, overall, endorsed the proposals which arose from the mediation process which took place in June/July 2014.

Following this regrettable development and as advised in November the Policy Council has confirmed it will recommend that the States implement its proposals which were detailed in September 2013. To be more precise the Policy Council intends to submit a report for consideration at the April States Meeting which will recommend as follows:

(a) that the revised pension arrangements detailed in September 2013* be introduced for joiners for whom the recruitment process commences from 1 May 2015;

(b) that the States apply to the Royal Court for a declaration to determine whether, as employer, it has the implied right to vary the terms of the scheme in a manner which adversely affects members’ right without their consent, and what (if any) constraints should apply to the exercise of that right; and

(c) subject to (b) then introduce the revised pension arrangements for current members

You can see details of the September 2013 proposals at http://bridge/hr/pensions (Newsletter 5).

(*I should mention one particular point. The September 2013 proposals included a staged amendment of contribution rates – effective January 2015 and 2016. As initially only new members would be involved and existing members would be unaffected during 2015, staging will not apply.)

I will keep you informed of future developments.

The next move is down to the employer but they have indicated that they intend to seek declaratory relief from the Royal Court as to whether they can vary an employee’s terms and conditions without consent. This will result in a possible legal challenge, one that the Unions are prepared to support.

There is still a desire to seek a negotiated settlement but the employer is adamant that negotiations are over and it will be recommending the 2013 offer to the States of Deliberation in April 2015 for adoption.

The Actuarial Valuation of the pensions scheme carried out in December 2012 is finally in the public domain, and can be found here http://www.gov.gg/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=93471&p=0 and this shows that that time the pensions liability was 92% funded. This is using FRS17 as the valuation mechanism (viewed by many as a conservative means) Clearly the investment markets have continued to recover over the last year and it is anticipated that this funding level may well have recovered in the intervening period.

Pensions are a complex subject and there is a need to ensure that Politicians are conversant with the terminology and understand the implications of any changes that are brought to the States. The Unions are working on joint publications that can be used by the 5400 employees (17% of the total working population in the island) that this will affect, to lobby their deputies to enable them to make an informed decision in the April debate.

UCU promises to keep you posted of developments, and stands in unity with other Trade Unions representing Public Sector Employees on our Island.


Please follow this questionnaire to leave your valuable feedback.



John Semenowicz and student Sammie Carre will be live on BBC Radio Guernsey on Saturday morning 10.10am to discuss the transition from school to post 16 education.

Sammie is keen to further her studies at university and this week was invited by the education department to present her story to students at Les Beaucamps Hgh School.

Steve Bacon ran another very successful hygiene course this week for 20 people and the Hospitality and Catering students had great success with their Choux Pastry unit, see photos below. The Office staff were delighted that they got to sample these!

Julie Hyde visited Forest primary school earlier this week. The students are learning about food from around the world. This week the food is from France.

Grace and Daniel, two of our Hospitality and Catering students went along with her to help teach the children about French cooking and food. All the children were given a sheet of paper with photographs of French food for them to identify. Then they were given different foods to try. Camembert, Port Salut. Tomme de Raisin, Ardennes Pate, garlic sausage, profiteroles, Frog's legs, croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin, olives, crepes and ratatouille. You can see the children all enjoyed it, their favourite' eats' of the day were, pancakes, frog's legs, cheese, croissants and pain au chocolat. Next week the food from around the world is China..........

John Norman

Assistant Principal


Another hard fought game for the Football Academy this week as they travelled to Bristol to face City of Bath college. After what I believe is referred to as a “ding dong” affair the game finished even with a 1-1 draw. The next encounter comes next week against St Brendans 6th Form College, Bristol. (St Brendan was of course one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and his feast day is celebrated on May 16th!)

The media launch of the Guernsey Youth Games 2015 was attended by Sally and some of the sport students this week. Chloe Macdonald, Skye Mollet and Olivia Klucznyk, all from L3 yr 1 Sport represented the students that will be assisting with the coaching delivery for all the youth games participants, and the college students will again be integral to the delivery of the Youth Games event that this year takes place on Saturday June 13th.

Eileen has been developing links for ESOL learners in Alderney this week. In order for learners on the island to undertake their initial assessments Eileen has conducted Skype interviews. This has provided essential support for Alderney based students and shows us that the “College Without Walls” vision is a reality.

And finally…. there was praise this week for one of our Health & Social Care students. Renee Bott from yr 11 links produced a fantastic powerpoint presentation that Kim and Eileen were incredibly impressed by. It highlighted not only the level of technical ability that our future learners will be arriving with but also their understanding of how those tech skills can be applied to enhance delivery of work.

Jeff Stuart

Acting Assistant Principal

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Excellent journalism from Guernsey press for acknowledging their editorial inaccuracy and mistake. See above.

SMT for working relentlessly on helping with the formation of the views on future plans for the structure of staff.

Kathy Armstrong for her support in providing HR advice

Denise Warr supporting the finance team.

Good coverage of the College work on Media

Choux buns! Yum!


“Amazing Postit Art in the Refectory. Well Done!”

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When claiming personal expenses through SAP and Hub system be aware that these claims can take up to 3 months before you are paid due to the incompetent system


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There is a need for the College to have a Defibrillator should be based on campus.

In the past this has been investigated. This is now being investigated once more - news to follow.

Own the change, shape the future support, Business support staff:

I have arranged three sessions on ‘Working together to offer our customers an excellent service’ I hope that all business support staff will attend one of the following sessions within their normal working times. Maria French.

5 Feb 10.00am -12.30pm - Green Room

9 Feb 2.00pm -4.30pm- Green room

24 Feb 11.00am .-1.30pm - TBA

Please book a place through Laura at laural@gcfe.net



29 January 2015 Andrea Chénier live from the Royal Opera House 7.15pm

Tickets available from www.guernseytickets.gg or the Box Office on 749999

Please contact Kerry if you wish to steward for any of these events.

IOD Management Shadowing Awards Presentation Level 3 1st Year students only

Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 12:45pm

Les Ozouets Campus

‘ Business Studies are looking forward to meet with the IOD representatives showcasing the ‘ Management Shadowing Opportunities, it is open to First Year Level 3 learners who are interested in undertaking a three day work shadowing’.

Other Level 3 learners who wish to attend the presentation, please join us in L112/3 at Les Ozouets Campus 12.45 Tuesday 27 January 2015’

The college contact for those who decide to undertake the Management Shadowing is Yvonne M Tanner, Business & Finance Programme Manager, yvonnet@gcfe.net. Please let me know if you are attending, due to room capacity.

Need Admin help and support?

Need to finish typing up that document? Need help preparing a report or spreadsheet? Require a mailshot to all of your students? Make use of the College's newly established enthusiastic & energetic Admin Support Team, use this email adminsupport@gcfe.net