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Week of July 1st : The What's New at IDEA Edition

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IDEA is closed for the SUMMER!

Message from Principal

Thank you for checking in weekly to see all that is happening at IDEA.

We are taking a break from our traditional newsletter format to share information about all the new programs coming to IDEA in 2019-2020 school year. Please take some time over the next week to determine what you are interested in and following the directions to sign up for classes that spark an interest.

Please note that classes are first come first serve and based on space you have in your schedule AFTER required courses. Due to so many issues and safety concerns last year there will not be early release unless students are attending community college on the college campus for credit.

I hope to have the first semester calendar somewhat finalized by July 26th and it will be included on the July 26th edition of WolfPack Weekly.

Highlights for 2018-2019

  • We have seen some amazing results with our STAAR Scores they have increased in most areas since the opening of the school. More information to be provided during Parent Orientation.
  • Our Student Survey Scores are the highest they have ever been since the opening of the school. The support from teachers to students is making the difference. Students feel safe, cared for, and supported. More information to be provided during Parent Orientation.
  • Our climate survey (Staff Survey) is the highest it has ever been with exception of the first semester of the first year. It is higher than most high school climate surveys and was the highest in our feeder pattern. More information to be provided.
  • Our first ever Parent survey completed by the district was great as well with over 80% positive responses. I hope to make it 100% positive this year. Our kids and staff are thriving, we invite all parents in to see the work that is happening to provide your one of a kind student a one of a kind experience.

So with all the great things that happened in 2018-2019, we have even bigger plans for 2019-2020. This edition of the newsletter will highlight new programs for 2019-2020. The regular formatted newsletter will be sent out next week with all the great things happening this summer with our NAF Interns, our resident blogger Eula, our Marching Band student Rafael, and all the great students from the class of 2023 that are getting ahead with high school credit and completing their Virtual school course.

Have a safe 4th of July and thank you for being a part of the pack where we are helping students discover their Passion, Develop Empathy for others, and innovating with Purpose to impact change.

Passion. Empathy. Purpose- 2019


I got married last week so my name has changed and I wanted to let you all know. I will still answer if you forget and call me Ms. Hicks, but my new last name is Mrs. Foster.

P.S.S. - The IDEA website is slowly being updated check in weekly for more updates. Our expectation is for our site to be fully updated by July 18th. New stuff is already added.


Mrs. Hicks-Foster

Proud Principal of the IDEA Wolves

2019-2020 Mission + Vision

If you want to understand the direction of the school, check out our video mission and vision statement. We want to develop a school of entrepreneurs who innovate to make the world better AND make a living while doing it!


EF Tours


Greece Summer 2020

Our students have recently returned from their China trip this summer and we are excited about our trip to Greece for Summer 2020. Will you be there? More information coming soon.
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AMAZON-EDHESIVE Future Engineer Program

Sign up for the Computer Science program is closed, but you can get on the waitlist by completing this form.


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Intuit Design for Delight

We are extremely excited to be working with Intuit Design for Delight in the 2019-2020 school year. As we push for innovation we also want to make an impact on the world around us. Intuit mostly works with College age campuses we feel honored that they will be working with IDEA in the 2019-2020 school year.

More information coming soon.


IDEA Performing Arts Program - Modern Band

Modern Band is coming to IDEA. This video just gives a quick overview of the program. We already have a few concerts in Dallas set for December. Are you ready to be a part of the first ever IDEA Performing Arts Program?

If you have not signed up for this class do so by clicking on the link:




We are excited about the changes coming to the IDEA Visual Arts Program, including a new location that will include a gallery area. Check out our new instructor Mrs. Page and some artwork by her and some of her former students.

Journalism Program

IDEA will be building a Journalism + PR Program. If you are unsure of what Journalism is check out the blog below. Journalism is more than a newspaper. If you are into digital media, social media, public relations, marketing, social awareness and such sign up on the link below:




Robotics is more than a club. Next year IDEA will offer it as a class. What if you could use your skills to innovate and change someone's life or design the next solution to a world problem!! Sign up for Robotics class below:

Seats are limited and signs up will be open this summer so be sure to read the Wolf Pack Weekly for more information.


Restorative Justice Mediation/Youth Court Classroom

In our efforts to continue to build our family environment. IDEA will be expanding our Restorative Justice program to help students and staff feel safe, respected and honored at IDEA. If you are interested in this program you must be interested in eliminating bullying, disrespect, and behaviors that make our school uncomfortable for some. Students interested in being an attorney or a judge would be a great fit for this class. Those interested should email Principal Hicks-Foster at nahicks@dallasisd.org or Assistant Principal Mrs. Bobb @Tbobb@dallasisd.org. Both Mrs. Bobb and I have participated in this program when we were in school in two different states and are excited for IDEA students to experience it and be trailblazers for this new program. More information coming soon.

WE Schools Program

In the 2019-2020 school year, IDEA will be a WE School. Find out what this means by watching this quick video.
We Schools

SAM's Club Makerspace Grand Opening

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In January I wrote a grant for a Makerspace and was awarded 100K to help provide more equipment for your students to innovate. This equipment will be used across the campus in our NAF Makerspace studio and our big Makerspace on the first floor. More information to come.

More Programs will be shared next week!!

This Week At IDEA!


2019-2020 Supply List 11/Lista de suministros

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NEED HELP WITH SUPPLIES/ Necesito ayuda con útiles escolares

The 23rd annual Mayor’s Back to School Fair presented by Walmart is scheduled for Friday, August 2, 2019 from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the Centennial Building at Fair Park in Dallas. The free event provides schoolchildren and their families with school supplies and other back-to-school essentials necessary to return to school ready and equipped for a successful academic year. The Fair is a collaborative effort between the City of Dallas, Dallas-area schools, public health department, state agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and community volunteers.


  • Free school supplies are provided to approximatively 15,000 Dallas students in need in PreK through 12th grade
  • Free uniform tops provided by Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
  • Free underwear for children from Undies for Everyone
  • Free dental health checks with fluoride varnishes, free toothbrushes and toothpaste for students
  • Free immunizations for schoolchildren
  • Free BMI, glucose and kidney health screenings for schoolchildren and their families
  • Free haircuts will be provided to schoolchildren
  • A family friendly event, the Fair will feature musical entertainment, kid’s activities, book giveaways, games, and interactive demonstrations and booths giving out additional school supply items
  • Community resource booths at the Fair will offer an array of bilingual information from educational, social, government and community organizations. Community resource booths include information on educational institutions and programs, job recruitment, college readiness, out of school learning, housing, food assistance programs and services, personal finances and more. City, county and state agencies provide information on public and fire safety, public transportation, library services, youth services and more.
9th grade Supply List

These are the required supplies for 9th Grade students at IDEA for 2019-2020

10th Grade Supply List

These are the required supplies for 10th grade students at IDEA for 2019-2020.


These are the required supplies for 11th Grade students at IDEA for 2019-2020.


These are the required supplies for 12th Grade students at IDEA for 2019-2020

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  1. To get text notifications:
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      Participants text a unique class or school code to a Remind phone number. For U.S teachers, the Remind number is 81010. For example, if you wanted to join a class with the class code @math, you would text @math to 81010.

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Follow us on Social Media!

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All students have to complete enrollment for the 2019-2020. Enrollment should be completed by July 26, 2019.


Enrollment 2019-2020

  • Online Enrollment: Parents and guardians may register online at https://classroom.powerschool.com. To create a new Unified Classroom account, unlock an existing account, or associate new students with an existing account, please contact your local campus to assist with account access and to obtain your student’s Access ID code. For security purposes, this code is provided by the school. .
  • Paper Enrollment: Parents and families who would like to enroll using paper forms, visit your child’s assigned campus with the appropriate documents based on whether your child is a new or returning student. Parents and families can access the documents needed for paper enrollment at www.dallasisd.org/paperenrollment

If you need help with enrollment

If you have a question about registration and enrollment process, Dallas ISD ONE Centers are there to help. They are a one stop shop for campus enrollment information including, campus selection, student transfers, school lottery/waitlist information and much more.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday-Thursday 7:00 PM- 6:00 PM

IDEA Virtual School

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Class of 2023, this is the second week of your virtual course for the summer. If you would like to come to school to work with Mrs. Stricklin. She will be on campus Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Remember your course ends June 21st.

Final Exam for the course will be the week of June 24th- 27th. You will have to come to IDEA for your final exam.

Mrs. Sticklen's contact information


(972) 925-2832


Parents/Guardians and Students:

Students missing credit due to attendance can complete seat time August 5th-August 8th from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Please email our Instructional Coach Erica Johnson @ Ericajohnson1@dallasisd.org for questions and to sign up to attend. Mrs. Johnson returns to work on July 26th and will respond to emails at that time.

You can still turn in Attendance for credit petitions by August 21st. If you turn in a petition, you must have documentation (doctor's notes, internship sign out/in, etc).


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Words from a NAF Intern

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Are you in need of service hours? Well, you're in luck! We will be sharing community service and volunteer opportunities in the newsletter. There will be plenty of opportunities to earn volunteer opportunities. Volunteerism is a great way to show that you care about your community.

All students should complete a Dallas Voly application so that your hours can be tracked when applying for scholarships, internships, jobs, National Jr Honor Society, college admissions and many more things. https://dallasisd.voly.org/

Please see Mrs. Williams or email latoyawilliams@dallasisd.org

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Important Dates

July 17th :School Re-Opens

July 26th: Last day for any schedule updates.

(Tentative) Aug.5th-9th Student + Parent Orientation (MORE DETAILS coming soon)

(Tentative) August 16th: Open House 5pm-6:30 pm (More Details coming soon)

August 19th: 1st Day of School

Community Events

Questions, comments, concerns? Let us know.

Contact Mrs. Williams at latoyawilliams@dallasisd.org or at 972-794-6800.