the me project

dhwani rao

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Dhwani Rao. I am a grade 10 student at LASS. I am 15 years old. I am creative, curious and weird. i love reading books and surfing the web.

my life line

my favorite things

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Listening and playing music is one of my favorite past times. It helps me relax and relieve stress. The music genre i mostly listen to is pop-rock or rock, but anything with good beat works for me.
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I love to watch anime in my free time. my favorite show is fairy-tail. I like it because it has comedy, action and drama.
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i love looking at typography and drawing them myself. I love the way u can express feelings or emotions just by words. i also like the way it looks.

my schooling

Throughout my life i have moved a lot, thus attending various schools.


I attended this school from grade 1-2. I was living with my grandparents in Indonesia. This school holds very memories. One of them is quite hilarious. It was Halloween and everyone was very excited, especially me. I was thrilled to be a aboriginal for Halloween. I had spent days to prepare my costume and practice my lines for the fancy dress competition. When the day came, as soon as i steeped on the bus to go to school, i was scared for my life. In my sight were monsters, beasts, witches and other horrifying beings. I was crying to loudly and yelling that my grandfather had to take a day off just to drop me to school and make sure i was alright. Looking at more people in scary costumes scared me even more and i forgot everything i had practiced. Nether the less i got on stage and cried my heart out. In the end I at least got a "thank you participating" gift.


This school was my first school in Canada. One of my favorite memories of that school is walking to school, Since we lived in downtown Hamilton, journey back home was always an adventure. Me and my friends would always stop at different coffee shops on the way to find the best hot chocolate we could find. After that we would wait in the library until it was time to pic up our siblings.

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FIVE things to maintain good friendship.

1. Be Honest. No one likes a person who lies or ins't truthful.

2. Make Time and Show Appreciation.

3. Alter Your Expectations and Don’t Make Assumptions.

4. Be yourself. Being yourself around someone is part of what makes you all best friends.

5. Be trustworthy. If they tell you a secret, make sure to keep it

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my mom

My mother is my role model and the most important person in my life. She works hard to keep me happy. She teaches me how to be hard working, calm, collected, independent and honest. She is very understanding and accepting. She is my best friend that is always there for me whenever i need her.

my dream job

My dream job is to become an architect. I love math and drawing and i feel as though this careers explores both of them. It would let me be creative as I create unique and creative designs. But, also help me apply my logical thinking and mathematical skills to make things work.

My family

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