Monday Memo

Updates from your Assisstant Principal

Week of March 21

Spring has sprung! I am in awe that we are in the backend of the school year already! The marking period closes on Friday and testing is ongoing for the next few weeks... These next few weeks will hopefully fly by! :)

Please turn in your intent for next year forms to my mailbox by Thursday before you leave. You will get them at tomorrow's faculty meeting. Our goal is to get your classrooms and placements for next year by April 8. Just for your information transfer period is April 25 - May 6. If you are thinking about transferring, now is the time to contact other principals for interviews.

Classroom inventory will start soon. Team leaders will get information at their next team leader meeting on Monday.

Just a reminder about comp time, you can only get up to 3 hours for absorbing students. Also, when going on field trips, you can only request comp time for a missed lunch period. Per contract you can't get time for a missed planning period.


4th and 5th grade teachers - please get your FSA computer certificate and turn it into me. Next week's tests for 3rd and 4th grades will all be paper based. Please send home the letters placed in your mailboxes today to parents.

3rd grade: practice FSA tests should be given Wednesday at the latest. That will give you time to go over the test with the students and address any large misconceptions you may see before testing begins on Tuesday. 4th and 5th grade have a little bit of time before you have to give the practice tests.

Any questions, let me know! Have a wonderful week!!

Important Dates:

3/21 - Meeting with Kim and Theresa

3/22 - Small group FSA training

3/24 - Lara off campus 1/2 day

3/24 - Intent forms due back

3/25 - No School - classroom end of year inventory opens up

3/28 - Team Leader meeting

3/29 - FSA ELA - 3rd grade

3/30 - FSA ELA - 3rd grade

3/31 - FSA math - 3rd/4th grades

4/1 - FSA math - 3rd/4th grades