Horace Mann Happenings

February 22, 2019

Message from the Principal

Hello Parents,

Anyone else ready for Spring? I am! You never know what to expect with this Missouri weather. Luckily, our calendar is always built with more hours than the average school. So far, we will not need to extend our calendar.

Please keep sending us addresses for the Stem-a-thon. We can still use them to increase our efforts to build this fundraiser. Participation is essential to avoid having to do additional fundraisers. We work hard to avoid sending things home to sell. This is an easy effort to support and results in a great hands-on learning day for our children.

Thank you to the volunteers and families who came out to support our Pizza Ranch night. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting to see the children help out. We had lots of good feedback from community members about how sweet our children were that night. While that is no secret to any of us, it is always nice when our children can shine in the community. It has a lot to do with the great parents and family members involved in their lives.

Thank You & Stay Warm,

Mrs. King

Upcoming Calendar Dates

  • February 25 - Cabin Fever Night 5:00-6:30 PM
  • March 8 - 100th Day of School Activities in classrooms (PK-2)
  • March 11 - No School - Teacher Development
  • March 25-29 - No School - Spring Break
  • April 11 - Taco Johns Fundraiser Night
  • April 18 - STEM-a-thon
  • April 22 - No School
  • April 30 - Spring Music Program 7:00 PM
  • May 9 - Art Show
  • May 24 - Last Day of School
  • June 10-July 3 - Summer School
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We would love to see you at the Book Fair!

Monday 7:45am - 4:15pm & 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Tuesday 7:45am - 4:15pm

Wednesday 7:45am - 4:15pm

Thursday 7:45am - 4:15pm

Fridday 7:45am - 4:15pm

STEM Education at Horace Mann

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM learning is a philosophy of education that embraces teaching skills and subjects in a way that resembles real life. Instead of teaching math as separate from science, they can be taught together in a way that shows how the knowledge from those two fields pair up and support each other.

The key component of STEM is inquiry-based learning and integrating subjects. Children learn to work and solve problems through hands-on exploration and investigation. With STEM we are teaching skills the way they will be used in the workforce, and the real world. Rarely does a job require only one skill, like math alone. Picture an architect, they use science, math, engineering, and technology to do their jobs. The subjects do not work on their own. Instead, they are woven together in practical and seamless ways allowing the architect to design complex buildings.

What is STEM-a-thon?

Horace Mann is gearing up for their annual STEM-a-thon on April 18. This event is a fundraiser and a celebration of STEM learning at Horace Mann. Horace Mann is a tuition assisted school which means tuition assists but does not cover all operating expenses. Funds raised through the STEM-a-thon allow us to provide STEM materials and experiences for our classrooms.

How can I support the STEM-a-thon?

Before the day of the event, each family provides 5-10 addresses of family and friends to obtain pledges and donations in support of STEM-a-thon. Families who participated last year will be asked to resubmit their addresses to ensure the contact information is accurate and up to date. We also request families add 3-5 additional addresses to help us grow our efforts. The STEM-a-thon is a great way to avoid selling things door-to-door and takes the burden of fundraising off the families.

More information will be coming home soon! If you have any questions, please reach out and talk to Mrs. King.

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Horace Mann does not participate in late starts or early dismissals for weather conditions. However, we do encourage our families to use their best judgment and there is no penalty for children if they arrive late or leave early when weather conditions exist. Safety is the top priority.

Horace Mann Laboratory School will be closed due to inclement weather IF the Maryville Public Schools cancels school. Decisions made in the early morning hours or late evening hours will be given to KNIM and KXCV radio stations.

Notifications are pushed out through Textcaster and Seesaw. We encourage parents to sign up for the Horace Mann Text Caster; you will receive texts regarding HMLS. Sign up at http://my.textcaster.com/ServePopup.aspx?id=1003. Also, be sure to sign up with Seesaw through your child's teacher or contact Mrs. King for assistance.

Extended care (K-6) is available for children that are enrolled in after-school childcare BEARCAT CLUB on days Horace Mann is closed for inclement weather and NWMSU is open. If NWMSU is closed, school and child care are also closed.

About Horace Mann Laboratory School

Horace Mann Laboratory School is located on the campus of Northwest Missouri State University. Horace Mann is one of only a small number of laboratory schools in the United States. Horace Mann provides a hands-on, project-based learning, individualized approach that is only possible with small class sizes and multiple teachers. Students of all ages make Horace Mann home, from our youngest kindergarten students to University practicum students. Master teachers provide a unique learning environment for all students that include technology, innovative best practices, and exemplary educational experiences. From measuring temperatures and creating data tables at our University Pond, learning about recycling at the on-campus recycling center, roller skating and swimming lessons in Physical Education class, and multicultural education from student organizations on campus, Horace Mann provides the best educational experience for your child.