Ramona and Beezus

Presleigh Parks/Block 4 By: Beverly Cleary


. I started to realize the theme when you could see how they were either loving on each other or the were fighting, kind of like me and my sister. So it's basically a love-hate relationship. For example like when Beezus yelled at Ramona to get out of her room but when they went to sleep Ramona had a nightmare so Beezus just went ahead and let Ramona sleep in her bed. Or the time they had both been yelling at each other and started a fire, then found out that their cat had died and started crying to each other...!!!!!


The plot in this story is about two sister who love each other sometimes but also hate each other sometimes too. So it's basically a love hate relationship between them, Kind of like me and my sister.Also these girls go through many hard times together, and it's almost like these girls have bad luck!!!! The conflict in the story is about how she is trying to make it through the 4th grade because she has super bad grades, and her parents aren't getting along to well but everything gets worked out...... This story is man v.s man because Beezus and Ramona are trying to learn to get along better!!!!!

3 of the main characters


The main setting in this book is her house where their is lots of drama and comotion happens. This setting makes the characters feel warm and cozy because that is where they live, and makes them feel at home.their house is in a small local neighborhood. Also the setting is Present.


I recommend this book to anyone who likes funny books or needs another book to read just for fun. I enjoyed this book because it was cute funny and because I love the author Beverly Cleary. I also liked this book because it had tons of imagery in it , which made me love it even more. I didnt really like how the author made it stop at the end. It was almost as if she just stopped at the end she didn't really make an end for the book. My favorite part about this book was when she went home early that day and so , her and her dad decided to make a really big picture of NYC. So that really it for my book report hope that you like it !!!!!!!