The Skin Skoop!

Tara's Rodan and Fields Newsletter

Welcome to my May Newsletter!

Hi everyone! I am trying something new....a fun way to communicate some skin tips to you and special offers that I might be offering! I hope you find it helpful :)

Tips and Tricks - EYE CREAM!

Puffy eyes or bags?

Do you suffer from puffy eyes or bags? Are you already using our awesome REDEFINE Multi-function Eye Cream? Here's a tip, you might be putting the eye cream TOO CLOSE to your eyes (kind of ironic). You should only apply the eye cream around the ocular bone. Sometimes when I go a little overboard on the eye cream the night before, I notice in the morning my eyes are a little puffy underneath.

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SPF Yourself!


* 1 in 5 Americans are estimated to have skin cancer in their lifetime.

* Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States.

* Sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for all skin cancers.

* One American dies from melanoma almost every hour (every 61 minutes).

PREVENTION is the key!

SPF yourself and your kiddies with a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock daily!

R+F Cocktails and Conversations!

Tuesday, May 17th, 7pm

8085 Main Street

Ellicott City, MD

If you are even a little bit curious about what I am doing with Rodan and Fields, please be my guest at our Ellicott City, MD event! This is the FIRST event that I am hosting. I will be presenting along with some of my other powerhouse partners and leaders in our company. Send me an email, text, or call me so I can secure a spot for you.
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Hostess Rewards Program

How it works...

Although we are not a "party company" if you will, I do have a program set up for those that might be interested in hosting one to earn some products at a deeper discount!

*Earn percentage discounts off product based on the dollar amount of products sold at your Experience, excluding any sales tax or shipping charges that may apply. For example, if your Experience sales total $250, you will receive $25 credit toward Rodan + Fields products.
*When guests of yours book a Rodan + Fields Experience, you will receive 50% off a single product of choice (excludes Regimens) when you attend their qualifying Experience of $250 or more.

Hostess Booking Reward = $20 Credit Toward PC Enrollment
$250 - $399 10% off Product = 10% off product
$400 - $749 15% off Product = 15% off product
+ $750 20% off Product = 20% off product

Or if you decide to become a consultant at your event

Host Signs As Consultant = Commissioned Sales from Party
Guest Signs As Consultant = You as the host gets $50 Credit toward Regimen of choice
Host AND a Guest Sign As Consultant = All of the above plus $50 Bonus for you!


Thank you to all of YOU, my amazing customers! Without your support, my business would not be growing the way it is today! Don't forget that I give referral gifts. Send five people my way and get a FREE REGIMEN. Send me a business partner and that counts as two!