Organized Crime

Al Capone

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Organized crime: widespread criminal activities, such as prostitution, interstate theft, or illegal gambling, that occur within a centrally controlled formal structure.

The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre was one of the most brutal gang vs. gang violence in Chicago’s history. In 1929, followers from the famous gang of Al Capone gunned down members of a rival gang in a Chicago garage. Al Capone is the most famous mafia leader in Chicago; he ran the streets with an iron fist, using brutal tactics and fear factors to get everyone from the police to other gangs to do his bidding. This massacre is one of his many crimes to get what he wanted; it sent fear through the rival gang, eating it apart from the inside out. This gang had to look at their bothers with the quarter size bullet holes spread out throughout their bodies; this scare tactic sent the fear of death up the chain of command and ran around the mind of the enemy gang leader. Organized crime doesn’t get any more brutal then then ten men gunned downed at point blank by a machine gun known to rip people apart piece by piece.

The families of these men had to see their looved ones who had many bullet holes thoughout theirbodies. The famous picture of the incident went into the news paper and circulated throughout the city. The families of the men had to read and see them on the floor dead. This killed the families most likely, this is why Al Capone was so successful; he knew how to keep the compitition under lock and key.