Being a Physician Assistant

Learn what a PA does.

The Basics

A Physician Assistant, PA for short, is an assistant to a surgeon or an actual physician. They have the ability to diagnose a patients illness, prescribe medicine, and perform minor surgeries.


Being a PA can be stressful since they often work 40 hours a week and that includes late nights, early mornings, and weekends. However, the job also offers great benefits a few of which is the salary and vacations. A PA also works with many different age groups and are usually with surgeons inside the OR (operating room) lending help and observing.

Pictures of Physician Assistants:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How much does a PA earn?

A: On average a PA earns $44 and hour and around $85,000-$97,000 and even more if they have experience.

Q: Is it hard being a PA?

A: It can be since they are standing and helping in long surgeries and are often walking from patient to patient and long working days.

Q: How many years of school does it take to become a PA?

A: The normal 4 years of college plus at least 2 more years of PA schooling.