Westwood Weekly

Week of August 24

Schedule Changes

In order to adhere to the social distancing guidelines, we will not be completing schedule changes in-person when we return to school. If you wish to change something on your schedule, please call the high school office at 906-485-1023 to schedule a phone appointment with Mrs. Halamka.

CDC Checklist for Back to School Planning for Parents and Guardians

Back to School Information

  1. The first day of school is Tuesday, September 1. Students will have a full day on Wednesday and early release on Thursday, September 3. There is no school on Friday, September 4 and we are back on Tuesday, September 8.
  2. Masks are to be worn at all times except during meals. Teachers will incorporate multiple mask breaks throughout the day.
  3. Students should bring refillable water bottles to school. Water filling stations will be available but drinking fountains will not.
  4. Students will be allowed to carry back packs to class if they do not feel comfortable using their locker.
  5. Parents/guardians should enter Westwood High School through the main office entrance and should call the office (485.1023) to inform school staff of their visit. Parents/guardians must wear a mask to enter the Westwood High School office and should prioritize visits to minimize office visitor traffic.
  6. For more information click on the link below

Learning Options for 2020-21

Students will have three learning options to start the school year.

  1. In the building Monday-Friday, face-to-face instruction
  2. Online learning through our Patriot Online Academy
  3. Hard copy materials provided by the classroom teacher

If you are considering options 2 or 3, please contact the high school office at 906.485.1023 to notify us of your choice or if you have questions about your options.