SEL in Action

Robinson Middle School


Social emotional learning is an educational process through which skills for life effectiveness are intentionally taught and modeled in a safe, supportive, and culturally responsive environment.

In Plano ISD, we will grow to understand and manage emotions, care for self and others, develop empathy, build resiliency, and solve problems effectively and ethically. Social emotional learning will empower students to become responsible, productive and contributing members of the global community.

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What makes a good friend?

Advisory classes have talking about friendship and qualities of a good friend. Throughout the month of February, We will be sharing some of the posters our teachers and students have made.
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Games Day

On Fridays during advisory, students get the chance to play board games. This is a fun way to build community in the classrooms and practice social skills in real life situations.

Thank you Mrs. Zimmerman for sharing these pictures.

Community Keepers

Some of our Community Keepers got to meet Mrs. Bradley, Director of Family and Social Services. Mrs. Bradley has been supporting our Community Keepers group since last Spring.
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February is Month of Kindness

February is the month of Kindness. Random Act of Kindness day is February 17th. Check out the February Acts of Kindness Calendar that we will be sharing with students at Robinson.

Always remember " No act of Kindness however small is ever wasted".

Check out the random act kindness website.

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Operation Gratitude

Community Keepers Group and PALS are joining efforts to launch "Operation Gratitude" at Robinson.

Students will be writing cards thanking troops, veterans, new recruits, wounded heroes and their caregivers during advisory throughout the month of February.

Community Keepers Training sessions

Mr. McCrary, our social worker from PISD Social and Family Services , worked with our Community Keepers group and provided trainings to build capacity within our students.

Our last training for this year was on February 4th. It was about being an "UPstander".

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PISD SEL Twitter

Follow PISD SEL Twitter : @pisd_sel to get the latest news about all the wonderful things that are happening at Plano with Social Emotional Learning.
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SEL Parent Engagement Series

PISD offers Parent Engagement series throughout the year. The goal of these sessions is to educate parents about social emotional learning and provide them with strategies to utilize at home.

Please see the flyer for the location and dates.

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SEL in Action at Robisnon Middle School

Staff at Robinson are dedicated to teaching the whole child. We focus on academic, social, and emotional wellbeing of our students. Advisory program is our 6th period. It is a 24 minutes period and we work on building relationships with students as we monitor their academics.

Our advisory program has 2 main components: Academics and Social Emotional learning. Here are some examples of what we do during advisory:


  • Checking grades - Grade check sheet

  • Conference with teacher

  • Work on assignments

  • Work on homework

  • Retake tests and quizzes

  • Meet with teachers for support

  • Learn organizational skills

  • Learn AVID strategies

Social Emotional Learning

  • Learn about competencies of SEL

  • Build relationship with advisory teacher

  • Second Step social skills instructions

  • Community Building circle

  • Assemblies

  • Community service projects

Peanut Butter Drive - Community Keepers first project

The Community Keepers are a group of students who want to make a difference in their community. They are working hard to help our community at Robinson and Plano.

Their first project was the Peanut Butter Drive. They were able to schedule a visit from Mayor LaRosiliere, Mayor of city of Plano, to come and launch the drive at Robinson.

Our campus goal was 700 jars and we were able to collect 939 jars!

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Second Step Program - Advisory

Our focus at Robinson is the whole child. We provide explicit social skills instructions during advisory. We use Second Step Social Skills program. This program has lessons for each grade level 6-8. We usually have a lesson on Wednesday every week unless we don't have advisory that day. The district is providing us with this program to support our students and the SEL Initiative.
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What are the SEL Middle School Standards?

The five competencies of Social Emotional Learning are:

Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Awareness

Relationship Sills

Responsible Decision Making

We use the middle school standards to provide SEL instructions at Robinson.