Module Ten Assignment Three

By: McKenzie Craft

What is an estuary?

An estuary is a body of water with one or more rivers connected to it along with a source of salt water. "Where the tide meets the stream." They are common in North Carolina. Some of the estuaries are Core Sound, Pamlico Sound, Roanoke Sound, Croatian Sound, and Currituck Sound.

Why are estuaries important?

Estuaries help control erosion and reduce flooding in the mainland. They are great habitats due to all the nutrients and shallow waters. They are a major resource of fish, crustaceans, and other animals because of these qualities. They also act as a natural filter for the water. Chemicals and other harmful particles are destroyed due to the chemical processes that occur in estuaries.

Core Sound


The Core Sound is situated between the mainland of Carteret County, NC and the Core Banks (part of the Outer Banks).

*The light blue area on the picture is Core Sound and waterways that connect to it

Some Connections

Nelson Bay

Styron Bay

Styron Creek

Pamlico Sound

Animal Inhabitants

1. Numerous types of fish including red drum, croaker, and flounder

2. Dolphins and occasional visits from a few different species of whales

3. Many species of sea turtles

4. Many species of shellfish including blue crab, oysters, and clams

5. Multiple species of waterfowl including brown pelicans and sea gulls


When land is prepared for human activities or is a site for human activities already, sewage, chemicals, and sediments are released into the water. The building of things like bridges, sewage systems, and dams cause the flow of the waterways to change. Global warming is causing major problems for estuaries as well due to causing ocean water levels to rise, the estuaries are flooded for long periods of time and are only able to withstand flooding temporarily.