Welcome to our country Yohan

By Cole Hallman And Chance Harper

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The country of Yohan is a medium sized country that is attached to Russia. The country's has a number count of 350,000,000 people. All the people speak English and Italian. Boys that hit the age of 18 have to join the military or air-force for 2 years and woman have to join military or air force for 1 year above the age of 18. The country is half city and half all terrain that has waterfalls, deserts, mountains, oceans, and rivers. All people the live in Yohan have to attend school till at least 19 years old the are aloud to drop out of school in high school. Out of all your money you in earn government gets 30% in taxes. In return everybody gets free health care and collage.

6 Freedoms

1. Freedom of speech.

2. Freedom of choice.
3. Freedom of religion.

4. Freedom of voting.

5. Freedom of education.

6. work

4 llegal things

1. No guns in public.

2. No running from the cops.

3. No drinking after 11 pm.

4. No fraud in who you are online.

Type of government

We chose Representative Democracy. With our type of government the people will be able to elect government officials. We did not choose Monarchy because we do not want a king or queen running our country. We direct democracy because in our country we need a representative to run our country. We did not choose dictatorship because if the leader that ruled a dictatorship lied he could ruin the country and make bad decisions. We did not choose Oligarchy because we did not want a small group running our country. We did not choose theocracy because we did not want a country ruled by a powerful god.

System of government

We chose a Federal system of government because we wanted the central government to give power to the other governments. we didn't choose unitary because didn't want one person in charge of everybody we wanted more. We didn't choose confederation we didnt want independent states to join and create more governments.

type of econemy

we chose capitalism because in our country we want everybody to be individual ownership. Everybody owns there own stuff. They can choose to own or open whatever store they want and do whatever they want unless its against the law.

Things to do

1. biking and rides

2. Tours

3. skydiving

4. water parks

5. Concerts

6. fairs