Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade - March 18, 2016

Language Arts

Focus this week:

* Students created and wrote a fable around a moral lesson they want to teach the first graders. All students were cognizant of making the lesson and story understandable for their younger friends. Nicely done, fourth grade!

* Spelling test

* Received BON, BEN, BENE vocabulary words

* Reading different folktales, including a few Tall Tales from our book Porch Lies, Tales of Slicksters, Tricksters, and Other Wily Characters by Patricia McKissack.

Week of March 28th:

* Vocabulary test March 29th on BON, BEN, BENE words (in binders)

* Spelling test and homeword due on March 30th

* Reading fable to first grade

Social Studies

Focus this week:

* Geography of the Southeast in text books

* Southeast packet

* Map-work

* studying state location and capitals using yourchildlearns.com website

Week of March 29th:

*History of the Southeast

* Map-work

* Apps & websites

Teacher's Note

* Vocabulary test on BON, BEN, BENE on Tuesday, March 29th

* Spelling homework and test on Wednesday, March 30th

* Reading fourth grade fables to the first graders

* Science Fair April 15th - show boards are due April 1st

* Terra Nova testing April 4 - 11th

* Mass on Tuesday, April 5th

* Synchronized Swim Show - April 8th

* Town Hall Meeting April 11th @ 6:00 pm