Feeding Young Children S'More

Chapter 16

Detailed Directions:

There are 2 videos to watch this week regarding feeding young children, what we can do to support their nutritional health, and some great teaching activities about good nutrition.

1. Watch both videos. Our Super-sized Kids is a 30-minute documentary that introduces us to several families and changes they chose to make to adopt healthier lifestyles. Teaching Activities About Good Nutrition for Kids is only 1:30 minutes but introduces some great ideas that we as teachers can use in our classroom as well as what we as parents can use with our own children.

2. Create a document with a bulleted list of things you learn in these two videos AND how you can/could apply this knowledge in your work with young children.

3. Submit your bullet list to the Dropbox on Talon for this Week 13 lesson.

Our Supersized Kids
Teaching Activities About Good Nutrition for Kids : Fresh Kitchen