POHW After Poster

By Michael Weldon

1) Hollis outlook on life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be part of the Regan family.

I have a new last name now. Its Regan. I love the sound of it. Pg. 165

2)Hollis is not selfish in the end

Hollis is with Josie and she takes advantage of her memory loss so she forgets about Hollis going to school and then she goes to school after the mustard lady comes.

"school?" Josie asked, looking confused. pg.53

3)Hollis now trusts people at the end

Hollis is with a family now and she is going to stay with the Regans.

there are five of us now: a mother, father, brother, and 2 sisters. pg.166

4)Hollis stops running in the end

Hollis stops running and stays with the Regans.

"do you think I can come back?" pg.162

5)Hollis is caring at the end

Hollis cares about Josie and the Regans.

I settled Josie on the couch and found a towel to dry Josies feet. pg.93

6)Hollis does not doubt herself at the end

Hollis realizes that the old man still loves Steven no matter what and if she is there or not.

I have though of the old man not loving him you were always arguing and I thought it was because of me. It does not have to do with you Steven said. pg.157

7)Hollis is friendly at the end and more outsanding

she gets along with people more and she does not keep every thing to herself.

I turn on the heat and dry Josie's feet. pg.94