Two Brilliant Games!

Totally FREE!

Game one

This is a smaller game than game two. It is a collecting game when you have to go around collecting the coins, by jumping and riding other things. Then you have to collect the giant star on the very last level. I personally think that this is a hard game. You might not think so, but wait until you get to the last level.
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This is a picture of the last level on my game one. I have only done it once after many attempts. The other picture next to the desricption above is the start of my first game. There are about four levels. This is a game designed for any gender and is so possed to be a game when your bored and do not have alot of time, so you could just go on this game and get as far as you can before you leave.

Game Two

My second game is a game were you have to first shoot and destroy the bad bot. After you have destroyed the bad bot you have to collect the heart, which gives you more health, to get to the next island (or level). If you are stuck then you can read the text on level one. The levels get harder as you get through the islands. The last level is pretty hard there are millions of bots but all you have to do is collect the star before you get destroyed by the bad bots.
This game is design for you to take your time on and save it as you could get as far as you can get in that time. I have designed this game so you could sit down and play it as a longer type of game. These pictures are of the different islands and the game over and winner screens. That is all I am going to say about my two games so I hope you get these games that I have made for all genders. If you get these games then enjoy.
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Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 12pm

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay