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A weekly update from Carleton Middle School.

This and That

I hope you are all have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and are enjoying some college basketball, if you are a sports fan. Speaking of sports, our girls basketball team will wind down their season this week with their final games and a tournament on Saturday at WMHS. Good luck girls! We have seen incredible growth and improvement in their playing throughout the season and are working together as a team. It is clear, they have a better understanding of the game.

All three of our bands were part of an All Area Concert on Tuesday and represented Carleton very well. It is tremendous to hear the growth in musicality from our 5th grade beginners all the way through high school. Seeing and hearing great learning and teaching in action.

Speaking of great learning and teaching, Loe' Mere McCaskill is learning about the various elements of art in Ms. Cleary's class and is creating pieces that are outstanding. His most recent work is hanging in Mr. Kausch's office (picture below) and has inspired other students to combine various media to express their thinking visibly using a positive outlet. Nice work!

Monday is the final day for our turning in money for the Dodgeball tournament. We look forward to our students having fun and competing against one another in good fun.

Thank you for those that attended Parent Teacher Conferences this week and visited our Book Fair. It was great to see so many of you! I encourage you to login to PowerSchool and check your child's grades, attendance, tardies, and lunch balance. Please encourage your student to stay on top of their studies as warmer weather is around the corner.

Clark's Corner

This past summer, Mr. Kausch and I attended a conference, and one of the speakers began his presentation by identifying that he looked at every moment of his career, every conversation, every positive interaction, and every challenge as a "Great Opportunity to Learn." This week at Carleton we have had a lot of "Great Opportunities to Learn" from our students...the next generation and our future! Our Lady Colts have had two basketball games, our Carleton band performed in the Carleton Area Band Concert, our students took time to remember the lives lost in Florida, and we had parent teacher conferences. All "Great Opportunities to Learn."

I will tell you that I could not be prouder of our students as they have all helped us learn about the value of practice, respect, unity, membership, and grit. Our basketball teams and band members have displayed these values in their games, practices, and performances. The Lady Colts continue to improve their skills with our 8th graders working towards a 4-4 record this season and our seventh graders showing continuous improvement in their skills and awareness during the game. Our band members always make me glow with pride. While one sixth grade student was beaming with pride while showing me his new instrument, he said "the band members try to honor Carleton and do a good job." I reflected upon how much our band improves from the beginning of the year until the end. They strive for constant growth and continual improvements in their playing. This a testament to the values listed above. What a "Great Opportunity to Learn" the value of the countless hours or practice, working through challenges, and seeking to be better.

We also took some time this week to honor and remember the victims in South Florida. Watching our student body and staff stand silently together and respond in unison to the simple greeting of "Good Morning" with a type of reverence, reminds me of the "Great Opportunity to Learn" how to honor, respect, and understand others with love and compassion.

Finally, we had parent/teacher conferences where parents identified areas of concern, worked with teachers to better their child's education, and in many cases came and left with pride in their children's accomplishments. This time together helps us remember how important it is to come together as a community for our children. At the end of the week, I have been reminded that our children are helping to guide our future. Through constant practice, respect, unity, membership, and grit, we are on a great path!

General Announcements

If you have an incoming 6th grader, we will have 6th Grade Orientation on Tuesday, March 27th at 6:30pm.

Later that evening, we will have our Title I parent meeting at 7:30pm in the Media Center. Please consider stopping by to learn more about our Title I funding from the Federal Government to assist our students at Carleton.

Also, please note that Spring Break begins on Friday, March 30th. School resumes on Monday, April 9th. Enjoy some time away from school.

Big picture

Loe' Mere's artwork on display in the office

Events for Your Calendar

March 19 - Home Girls BB Game vs. Grissom

March 20 - Writing Celebration - WMHS, 6:30pm

March 24 - Girls BB Tournament at WMHS

March 27 - Dodgeball Tournament 3pm-?

March 27 - 6th Grade Orientation, 6:30pm

March 27 - Title I Meeting, 7:30pm - Media Center

March 28 - Half Day with Students, Dismissal at 11am

March 29 - Half Day with Students, Dismissal at 11am

March 30 - April 6 - No School, Spring Break

April 9 - Classes Resume