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Let's get ready to rock the EOC!

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42 Days Until the EOC

A Brand New Quizlet - Just for GCA Students!

Your English Leadership Team collaborated to make you a brand new Quizlet full of EOC terms. This is a special review opportunity just for GCA students, and we hope you don't miss it. Start clicking! Note that if you don't have a Quizlet account already, you'll have to make a free one to see all the cards.

COVID-19 & The Milestones

Please stay tuned for communications from our district regarding any Milestones updates. At this time, school level staff does not have any information regarding state testing other than what is available from the CDC and the DOE. We are going to continue prepping as planned until otherwise notified.

American Literature EOC Prep

We have designed this page to be a first stop for our GCA students as they are getting ready for the American Literature Milestones End-of-Course Assessment. Some things you need to know before you get started:

  • The test is required for all students.
  • The test is administered over two days, April 27-28.
  • The test has three parts. The first part, administered on Monday, is constructed response (essays/short answer), and the second part, administered on Tuesday, contains two multiple choice sections.
  • The grade you earn on the test is 20% of your overall grade for the course.
  • You will take this test in person at a site near your home.

The Countdown is ON!!!

Click the timer picture to see exactly how many days, hours, and minutes until you sit down to take the test!!!

This test will be administered April 27-28, and it's closer than you think. The tools and strategies on this page will help you get ready!

Experience the Test Online!

Use Google Chrome to access this practice test!

You can try the test out, view a tutorial video, and access relevant test documentation and user guides provided by the state of Georgia's Department of Education. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the testing experience and get rid of any test jitters!

Reinforcement Opportunity

Check out this reinforcement activity your teachers put together. This activity uses data from your IA4 to identify gaps in your learning to make sure you know all the things you need to be successful on the EOC! Submit your work to your teacher via this survey link for a grade.
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Department of Education Resource

Have you downloaded and reviewed the Study/Resource Guide for Students and Parents? This document is long, but it is full of great tips and strategies for the test. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Pages 10-20: Examples of constructed response prompts, sample answers, and rubrics.
  • Page 22: Study skills and test taking strategies

Reading Literary Text
  • Pages 28-33: Key terms to study before the test
  • Pages 35-39: Practice reading passage, multiple choice, constructed response

Reading Informational Text
  • Pages 42-46: Key terms to study before the test
  • Pages 47-52: Practice reading passage, multiple choice, constructed response


  • Pages 56-63: Key terms to study before the test
  • Pages 64-80: Practice reading passage, multiple choice, constructed response


  • Pages 83-86: Key terms to study before the test
  • Pages 87-91: Practice reading passage, multiple choice, constructed response

Answer key for practice items - Pages 93-101

Key Terms Flashcards!!!

Click the link to access a Quizlet flashcard deck of 85 key terms for the American Literature Milestones EOC. Familiarizing yourself with these terms is a sure way to improve your confidence and readiness for the test! Don't miss this opportunity to boost your score! Note that if you don't already have a Quizlet account, you may have to set up a free one to view all the cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do to make sure I am ready for this test?

A: There are several things you can do:

  • Read the resource provided above and do the practice questions.
  • Memorize the flashcards provided.
  • Attend your live sessions every single day!
  • Complete your work in Canvas.
  • Look at your feedback in Illuminate and complete remediation activities.
  • Do the Writescore remediation activity provided by your teacher.

Q: Who can help me get ready for the test?

A: Your teacher! They have so many extra resources available for you within the class already, and they can answer any extra questions you have.

Q: What grade do I have to get to pass the test?

A: To score a level 3 or above, you need to make at least an 80% on the test.

Q: How do I know if I am ready?

A: A good rule of thumb is to have at least an 80% in your class and to score above 80% on your quizzes and tests.

Q: How many questions are on the test?

A: The American Literature and Composition EOC assessment consists of about 60 items. You will be asked to respond to selected-response (multiple-choice), constructed-response, extended-response, and extended writing-response items.

Q: How long will I have to take the test?

A: You may have up to 85 minutes per section to complete the multiple choice tests. They are administered on the same day. You may have up to 90 minutes to complete the writing portion.

Anxiety Busters

Do you get testing anxiety? You're not alone! Many students report feeling stressed or anxious about taking standardized tests. View the PowerPoint below for some prep strategies, helpful videos, and in-session tips to help change your mindset and approach testing with a new energy!

Top Tips & Strategies

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Want More Resources?

Check out these awesome videos to help you prepare and do your very best on the test!

Our American Lit Team

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