Owl Notes

April 18



* LONG WEEKEND - Just a reminder (as if you need it) that we have a four day weekend upon us. This is basically our last break before the long push to the end of the year. Please take time for yourself and refresh so that you are ready to go.

* BOND ELECTION - Reminder that BOND early voting opens on Monday. Dr. Null will be sending an email about the election. Make sure you watch the video from him.

* GARDEN HELP - Hopefully we will have 50 more bags of mulch delivered on Tuesday. Anyone who can stay Tuesday afternoon and finish mulching the garden, that would be great! Need to get it looking nice before ExplOREtorium on Thursday.

* EXPLORETORIUM - Is Thursday April 25. If you are scheduled to attend, please make sure you are in attendance. If you are not, feel free to drop by and support PTO by participating in the silent auction and/or shopping with the vendors who are coming. Make sure parents are fully informed about this event so that we have a great showing.

* RECESS - We need to be diligently monitoring recess from now till the end of the year. We are already seeing an increase in physical behaviors where students are getting hurt by each other. Make sure you have at least 4 teachers outside and that you each take a duty station to monitor.

* ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONALS' DAY - Is Wednesday! Please take a moment and drop by and thank Deanna, Kathie and Virginia for all they do!!!


* THIRD GRADE YMCA - Third grade will be going to the YMCA on Tuesday.

* VOGEL VISIT - Fourth grade will be visiting Vogel on Tuesday.

* EXPLORETORIUM - At the ExplOREtorium night, PTO auctions off baskets and time with teachers. We are in need of what you want to auction off? They are asking that you do individual or partner items this year (lunch in the garden, movie with a teacher) instead of grade wide auctions. Be creative!! I need your idea by Thursday.

* KINDERGARTEN ROUND-UP - Please remind parents that Kindergarten Round Up starts on Monday. Registration is online and this will include ORE students and Suchma students. Virginia will register them all and then separate them. We want to get as many registered as possible so please help us spread the word.

* DR. PHILLIPS VISIT - Dr. Phillips will be here on Tuesday, April 30 around 12:30 for her campus visit. We will be walking classrooms and talking to students and seeing what great things you are doing!

* SECOND GRADE PROGRAM - Will be on Thursday, May 2. More details to come on that.

* INTRA/INTERDISTRICT TRANSFERS - Intradistrict/interdistrict transfer requests for next school year are now available. If your child is in attendance here on a transfer, please go ahead and take of submitting one for next year. BOARD VOTED AND CHANGED THE DEADLINE DATE TO MAY 1 FROM JULY 1.


Please use the link to complete the data for summative conferences. This is for TEACHER, whether you were evaluated or not. Please complete this by Friday, April 19 so that summative conferences can start the following week! Thank you!



HRS survey for April is at the link below. Please take a few minutes and give your feedback so that we can continue moving forward! Thanks!



Alyssa Barker - for volunteering to take my car rider duty to save my tired, pregnant lady feet! - Samantha

Brooke Gatley - for all your support of the fourth grade teachers and students as we count down to STAAR. - Rachel Miller

Becky Playfair - for all your hard work catching up with our students over the past two weeks! - ORE family

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


19 - Holiday - Kara Saly's birthday

22 - School holiday

23 - 26 - Book Fair

23 - Third grade Destination YMCA

24 - Administrative Professionals' Day

24 - Fourth Vogel Visit

25 - ExplOREtorium Night, Kinder Round Up

26 - Math Review Quiz

29 - Faculty Meeting

30 - Kim Dooley and Tami Miller's birthday, Dr. Phillips campus visit


1 - Principals' Day

2 - Second grade program

6 - Team Leader

6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week

8 - Samantha Hier's brithday

9 - Teacher Appreciate Luncheon

9 - TOY/HOY/RISING STAR reception

10 - Muffins with Mom

11 - Rachel Miller's birthday

13 - STAAR Math

14 - STAAR Reading

15 - Chanda Hernandez's birthday

15 - SOURCE meeting

16 - Second grade math benchmark

19 - Jeff Dye's brthday

20 - Faculty Meeting

21 - Fourth grade to War Eagle Challenge

22 - Principals' Meeting/5th grade math placement test

24 - Fun Day

26 - Erin Ryan's birthday

27 - Memorial Day Holiday/Jeanie Wyatt's birthday

28 - Kinder Graduation/ORHS graduation

29 - Fourth grade graduation

30 - Last day of school/early dismissal

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