Jin Doi (fried sesame balls)

a traditional Singaporean dish


250g glutinous rice flour, sifted

170ml warm water

150g mashed potatoes from 2 or more whole potatoes

100g caster sugar + ¼ teaspoon salt

200g peanuts, fried and ground

100g caster sugar

150g white sesame seeds

Water for dunking wrapped Jin Doi


1. Clean potatoes. Boil them until soft then mash.
2. Fit a paddle attachment onto electric beater, then blend potatoes.
3. Pour in rice flour, and slowly add water. Cool dough so it's easier to wrap.

Making The Balls
1. Combine peanuts and sugar in a bowl. Fill another bowl with water, and place sesame seeds on a plate.
2. Place filling in a small ball of dough (20g), then drop in water. Roll in sesame seeds.
3. Deep fry at medium heat until floating, resulting in gold coloured sesame seeds.
4. Serve straight after draining, enjoy!