Merry Christmas from The ACTS Group

Part 4 of a 5 Part Series

ACTS: Christmas and Good News

Angels declared it. Shepherds spread the news. Kings spoke of it. Messiah had come. A savior who is the solution to the problem that humans cannot fix on our own – the sinful condition, inclinations and actions in the heart of every person. When Jesus came, it didn’t look like a solution – a baby in the arms of a poor mother watched over by a tradesman father. But, his coming, his living, his dying and his rising showed that God had planned all along to write the invitation to know him in bold and lasting lines. Heaven and earth will pass away, but these words will not. Jesus saves. Jesus is Lord. Merry Christmas and tell the news.

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group

Give a Ten Update

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Strategy Highlight - Gospel X

Gospel X is about multiplying witness, disciples and churches that lift up Jesus Christ. The goal is to saturate communities with the reality of the gospel – God’s good invitation to know him personally by faith in Jesus Christ.

In Christmas’ past, we launched ACTS Group with the very heart intention of creating a new way and environment for the Sacramento region to experience abundant gospel sharing. We were active in supporting and promoting evangelistic efforts like My Hope and the 99 as well as those who are taking action to start new churches in the region.

This Christmas, we are able to report that think tanks have resulted in the conceptual framework for launching Gospel X as the final part of the interweaving strategies of the ACTS Group. In developing the Every School / Every Neighbor initiative, the neighbor side involves churches committing to sharing faith in the neighborhoods around their school partner – and this has already started though model and mentor churches.

In Christmas future (2016), we will be excited to have completed our website and media platform to encourage, equip and mobilize evangelism and church planting in the six county Sacramento region. We look to have over 100 congregations engaged in the active outreach through the Every Neighbor initiative.

Jeff Kreiser - A Gospel Affirmation

Update on Giving Goal for December

If you regularly read these updates, you'll recall that in the November newsletter I wrote asking you to put The ACTS Group on your shopping list as we entered into the Holidays. Well, the Christmas countdown is officially coming down to the last 72 hours. As we shop for last minute gifts, it's not too late for you to put The ACTS Group on your Gift List! Take a moment now to make a contribution to ACTS to help us share the gift of the gospel with those around us in the new year! Please join me in giving a generous gift.

Merisa Moy - Finance and Development Officer

Endorsement -

Tom White: President, Frontline

Author: The Practitioner's Guide: Building City Gospel Movements​

“I've had the privilege of being on-site in Sacramento. As a longtime, veteran city-reaching practitioner, the ACTS Group embodies a healthy cohesion of relational connections across the Body of Christ, a holistic collaboration of cross-sector kingdom assets, and functional engagement with leaders of good will--in business, education, social services & government-- for the overall good of the city and region.”

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