The Marie Murphy Update

3 April 2020 Edition

Responding to COVID-19 in the Avoca Community

We should all be following the stay-at-home order and social distancing measures as best we can. This is how we will reduce infections and keep our community as safe as possible.

However, we also know that COVID-19 will make its way into our community and surely has already done so. Our nurses have been in touch with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and based on how long we have now been out of school, IDPH has confirmed that infections arising in the last week would not have been spread through our school community when schools were open.

Nonetheless, it is important that parents/guardians complete the daily attendance form for Remote Learning, including if a student is absent (can't participate) due to illness. If that is the case, please also notify the nurse if you or someone in your family has tested positive for COVID-19. The school will not be sharing that information, but it is important for us to keep track as we approach a return to school in the future (hopefully).

Thank you for your patience and steadfastness in adhering to the Governor's stay-at-home order and social distancing guidelines.

What classes are happening today, tomorrow, next week?

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Talking to Your Children About Coronavirus

In my last newsletter, nearly a month ago, I included several links to different articles about how to speak to kids regarding coronavirus. Obviously, much has changed in the last month, and therefore, different organizations and support agencies have adjust their talking points as well. The organizations below all offer different approaches and talking points for parents wanting to discuss the pandemic with their children.

What's happening the rest of the year?

Many parents have been inquiring about the status of events for the remainder of the year. Unfortunately, without knowing when we are returning to school, we just don't know what events will be able to held, if at all.

As of right now, we do know the 7th Grade Springfield Trip is canceled. We know that 6th grade Outdoor Ed will not take place (we are still in communication with the provider about the specifics). However, events that can be executed almost exclusively by MM (concerts, portfolio nights, graduation) have not been ruled out. The ability to have these take place is still uncertain, and will remain uncertain, until we know if and when we can return to school, as well as the government's recommendations pertaining to gatherings.

As more information becomes available, we will communicate with you.