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​BorneoHunter is a fast-growing executive search headhunter and employer branding firm that hunts for great minds, and raise the desirability of attracting high potential talent. We headhunt C-levels (i.e. CEO, COO, CFO, CMO), HODs, and middle managers.

Our clients include Berjaya, Resorts World Genting, DKSH, Johnson & Johnson, Nikko Securities. We specialize in HR, learning, PR, marketing, IT positions, and FMCG, hotel, manufacturing, finance, and pharmaceutical industries.

The BorneoHunter Way:
We don’t just look at CV-resumes, as many things and issues are hidden in written resumes. We look at mindsets, attitudes, and possibility of their 90% hidden iceberg i.e. their fears, concerns, mental barriers, personal values, long-term career path goals, and family and children decision influences.

The big USP is if the organization also hires our Trainer and Consulting Experts we will have a direct coaching experience with the HODs, and CEO. We have a direct experience of the corporate culture and each manager’s personality/leadership style. This will greatly enhance the right match of the candidate with the manager and team. Other competitors do not have this big advantage.

Summary of 5 Key Advantages for using BorneoHunter vs. other headhunters and job portals

  • BorneoHunter has vast ChangeU Alumni database and “word of mouth” industry leaders’ recommendations.
  • BorneoHunters are the bridge to negotiate the most optimum annual package. Candidates are likely to share frankly their concerns and family restrictions with us than with their potential employer.
  • BorneoHunter candidates have a longer commitment than job portal candidates because they want a long-term career path charted by our BorneoHunters. One client insightfully said that “career path charting with BorneoHunters” is like having the original manufacturer maintain the service history of a prestigious car like a BMW. But the big difference they know is their career path will greatly increase in value if they continue their relationship and career path charted by BorneoHunter. That’s the true power of BorneoHunter.
  • BorneoHunter verifies candidate backgrounds and are much better “background detectives” than internal recruiters. It is extremely hard for a candidate to fool a BorneoHunter. The deceptive or low caliber candidates don’t make it pass our first round of resume search or interview.
  • We can confidently say that BorneoHunter candidates are generally better caliber than job portal candidates – with less problems and bad attitudes.