The Dragon's Tale

The Biweekly Newsletter of the Kaohsiung American School

2021-2022 Issue #7 November 1, 2021

Dear KAS Community,

"Nothing about us, without us, is for us."

This phrase, a rallying cry in the disability movement in the 1990s, is now being heard at the COP26 conference, chanted by the youth of the world. I think it also captures the essence of collaborative leadership and collaborative learning. Are teachers included in decision making? Do we involve our learners when we’re planning programs for them? When thinking about school improvement, are all the community’s stakeholders included?
這個口號,原是1970年代美國障礙者自立生活運動所發起,今在「聯合國氣候變化綱要公約第26次締約方會議」(COP26)再次被世界各國的年輕人高呼。我認為它還抓住了合作式領導和合作學習的精髓。 教師是否參與決策? 當我們為學習者規劃課程時,我們是否讓他們參與決策? 在考慮學校改進時,是否包括所有社區的利益相關者?

67 teachers met me in October, to tell me what they think KAS is doing well, and what they think we can do better. Our new Faculty Advisory Council has begun meeting with me too. In the coming weeks I’ll be reaching out to hear parent voices. Some of that will be in larger, open forums. Going through our parent directory at random, I’ll also be asking some parents to meet with me in small Focus Groups, to have deeper conversations about learning at KAS. And of course, I will be working with principals to find ways to hear our student’s voices too. In all of this, my interest is to ensure that the school administration and board of directors is planning “with us, for us,” as we think about the near and long term future of programs and of learning at the Kaohsiung American School. I’ll continue reporting to the Board and the community as I listen.

在10月份我已經跟67位老師會面,老師告訴我他們認為KAS什麼地方做得好,哪些地方可以做得更好。 我們新的教師顧問也開始與我會面。在接下來的幾週裡,我將會延伸觸角,傾聽家長的聲音。有些會以大型的開放論壇的方式出現。以隨機瀏覽家長名冊的方式,我還會邀請一些家長來參加小型的焦點小組會議,就 KAS 的學習進行更深入的對話。 當然,我也將與各部校長合作,尋找傾聽學生聲音的方法。這所有的一切中,我的用意是當我們在思考高雄美國學校的短期和長期課程和學習時,確保學校行政部門和董事會是正在「與我們一起,為我們」來規劃。我會在傾聽的同時繼續向董事會和社區報告。

Our Board of Directors has an Open Meeting at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, November 17. Parents, put it on your calendar and join us on Zoom at this LINK. The agenda for the meeting will be shared next week.


In hope and solidarity,

Mr. Laney, Head of School

Ms. Clark, High School Principal

Mr. Payne, Middle School Principal

Mr. Coyle, Elementary School Principal

Community Corner

Wondering what to do in the city during the Thanksgiving Holiday? Enjoy an exciting concert at Kaohsiung Weiwuying Concert Hall! Special Thanks to one of our parents, who has set up discount tickets for the KAS community. The violinist Hu Nai-Yuan, the 1st Prize Winner in the Queen Elizabeth Music Competition, plays “The Four Seasons” with the Counterpoint Ensemble at 1500 on Saturday, November 27. Please check the attachment for information about the concert repertoire, and English Program Introduction, and Discount Ticket Sign Up.

還不知道感恩節假期要做什麼嗎?到高雄衛武營國家藝術文化中心音樂廳欣賞一場精彩的音樂會吧! 特別感謝我們的一位家長,她為 KAS大家庭提供了8折優待票。 曾獲伊麗莎白王后國際音樂比賽首獎的小提琴家胡乃元將於11月27日星期六下午3點與對位室內樂團合作演奏《四季》。音樂會演出曲目、英文節目資訊介紹和註冊8折優待票請點選下方網址。

KAS community Discount Ticket Sign up form:

English Program Introduction:

Our G9 student, Sigrid Liu, the 5th Steinway Youth Piano Competition finalist, is honored to host a Piano Recital on 12/9/2021 19:30 in National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) Recital Hall. She is delighted to share multiple wonderful pieces from different eras with the audience.

We sincerely invite you all to attend this concert. You are welcomed to order free tickets from this link.

我們九年級學生Sigrid Liu,第五屆史坦威國際青少年鋼琴大賽決賽入圍者,將於2021年12月9日晚間7點30分在衛武營國家藝術文化中心表演廳舉辦個人鋼琴獨奏會,Sigrid將演奏多首不同時期的鋼琴作品,展現不同的演奏技巧與風格。


Elementary parents, don’t forget our Winter Holiday Camp at the KAS campus for students in grades 1–4 during the winter break. Invention & Design, Coding and Robotics are the themes for our Skyrock Winter Camp. Students will be in two small groups for grades 1–2 and grades 3–4. Campers can choose to participate in one, two or three weeks of the camp—each week will feature different projects and materials.

小學部家長們,不要忘了我們將為 1-4 年級的學生舉辦一個冬令營。冬令營是 Skyrock 主導,主題是發明與設計、編碼和機器製作。 1-2 年級和 3-4 年級的學生將分成兩個小組。學生們可以選擇參加為期一周、兩週或三週的活動——每週都會有不同的活動內容和材料。

The website is


And here’s two more camp opportunities for young KAS Dragons. Summershine Camps is also offering a 2021 Christmas Camp schedule. Their first camp is an adventure-style camping experience in Kenting with two nights of camping included. Their second offering is a 4-day activity-filled day camp at the Museum of Fine Arts Park, with a day trip to the countryside included.

這裡還有兩個為年幼的KAS龍兒所提供的另外兩個營隊機會。 Summershine Camps 提供 2021 年聖誕營的時間表。 他們的第一個營地是在墾丁的探險式露營體驗,需住宿兩晚。 他們的第二個項目是在高雄市立美術館舉辦的為期 4 天的充滿各式各樣活動的營隊,其中含包含了郊區一日遊。

December 20–23: 4-Day Christmas Camping Trip to Kenting, open to children aged 8–13.

December 27–30: 4-Day New Years Art Park Camp, open to children aged 7–12.

View the Summershine website at for all the details.


Social Emotional Wellness 社交情感健康發展

Providing a safe and secure community for our children is of the utmost importance at Kaohsiung American School. The Child Protection and Community Wellness committee meets regularly to ensure that KAS has structures, policies, and procedures in place to ensure a safe inclusive environment for everyone. Our focus is on child protection and safeguarding. Child protection is the way in which we respond to harm and safeguarding is what we do to prevent harm.


KAS has a written and taught curriculum that addresses child protection and safeguarding. Some of the topics that are addressed in the classroom are child abuse prevention, assertiveness skills, digital safety, harassment, discrimination, bullying and reporting an incident to an adult. Staff are also trained in child protection and safeguarding procedures.



Shari Dixon

ES Counselor 小學輔導老師

Winnie Shen

MS Counselor 中學輔導老師

Lori Dietrich

HS Counselor 高中輔導老師

College Night for Class of 2023 Parents 2023屆家長大學說明會

Monday, November 22, 2021, 6:00 - 7:00 PM 11月22日星期一晚上 6:00-7:00

KAS Lecture Hall 3樓演講廳

Big picture

Parents of our G11 students are invited to a kick-off the college application season at this upcoming information session! We are so happy to have parents back on campus for this exciting time in high school when juniors begin their university applications. We welcome you to learn about the process and to celebrate this important benchmark in your child’s life.


Please sign-up using this Google Form by November 19 if you plan to attend.

若您有意願參加請於11月19日之前填寫此 出席表

This information session will cover these topics:


  • Introduction to college counselors 介紹大學申請輔導老師

  • College counseling services and advisory at KAS 校內提供的大學申請諮商和建議

  • Timeline for college applications 大學申請各時程

  • How to support your student and the role of the parent 如何扮演好家長的角色並提供孩子支持

  • Factors of admission 錄取的因素

  • Trends in college admissions 大學錄取趨勢

  • Developing a list of colleges 建立大學志願清單

  • Introducing CIALFO 介紹 CIALFO

  • Resources available 可利用資源

  • Question & Answer 問與答

Light refreshments will be available starting 30 minutes prior to the event. We welcome your participation!


Seniors have just submitted their first applications in time for early deadlines. We already have several students with offers of admission in Canada and Japan, so the celebrations are truly beginning! We are so proud of the creative, well-written essays our students produced and the careful research they put into their list of universities. Next week, we have an opportunity to meet with juniors during an advisory to continue our work on understanding admissions and preparing strong applications.


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More events are added daily so please check the KAS Public Calendar for the most updated information.更多大學持續更新中,請定期查看KAS線上行事曆以取得最新資訊。

Parents, we welcome you to come to talk with us anytime about your student. Please request an appointment by email so that we can notify security to allow you as a visitor to campus.

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Students are assigned college counselors alphabetically based on their last name:


字母A-L Cerise Roth-Vinson,
字母M-Z Lori Dietrich,

We Are KAS

KAS challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Pre K – 12 institution offering an American, college preparatory program leading to a US high school diploma and the opportunity for an IB Diploma.

KAS is located in the northern area of Kaohsiung city, the second-largest city in Taiwan with 1.5 million inhabitants. Kaohsiung American School was established in 1989 as an elementary school serving the needs of local and expatriate families with children.