Thomas Jefferson

By: Mariah Newell


How did Thomas Jefferson impact the country?

Birth and Death information

Thomas Jefferson was born April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia in Albemarie County

Thomas Jefferson died July 4, 1826 in Charlottesville, Vergina

He died the same day as his good friend John Adams


Thomas Jefferson went to Collage at William and Mary from 1760-1762

He was in law under George Wythe the first professor of law in America

He also went to Williamsberg for 7 years

Childhood and Family

Thomas Jefferson had 6 sisters and 3 brothers

Sister: Jane, 1740-1765
Sister: Mary, 1741-1804
Sister: Elizabeth, 1744-1774
Sister: Martha, 1746-1811
Brother: Peter, 1748-1748

Brother: Unnamed, 1750-1750
Sister: Lucy, 1752-1810
Sister: Anna, 1755-1828

Brother: Randolph, 1755-1815

Thomas married Martha Wayles Skeleton

they had 5 kids

Daughter: Jane, 1774-1775
Son: Unnamed, 1777-1777
Daughter: Mary (or Maria, known as Polly), 1778-1804
Daughter: Lucy Elizabeth, 1780-1781
Daughter: Lucy Elizabeth, 1782-1784

Martha got very sick and died September 6, 1782


born in Shadwell Plantation in western virginia

from a wealthy family and had a good childhood

Important life events

Thomas Jefferson was president for 8 years , March 4 ,1801 - March 4, 1809

A list of important life events:

~lawyer: He went to collage and was a lawyer for a couple of years

~virginia House Of Burgesses: Elected represenatives for North America

~Intolerable acts- he helped pass the act

~Decleration Of Independence: he signed it

~Congress: he had confrences about politiocal parties

~embargo act- helped passed it

~Lousianna Purchase- expanded the u.s a lot

interesting facts



~ he sold 10,000 of his own books

~ he designed his own house

~ Helped create bills of rights

~ liked to invent things

~ very religious man

~ had 5 kids only 2 survived adult hood

~ inherited slaves from his father and father in law

~ had over 200 slaves through out his life

~ 3rd president

~ wife died and he never got remarried

contribution to changes

Thomas Jefferson was author of Decleration Of Independence. He was president of the united states he was the leading figure in Americas early development. During the American revolutionary war in 1775-1783 he was govener of virginia. he was also vice president under John Adams. he promoted individual liberty. he retired and helped the plantation of the Monticello.


Had lots of accomplishments and they are in important life events and contribution to changes but here is a couple more

~ doubled the size of the u.s

~ Advocted states rights

~he made the foreign policy

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