The Journey from Africa to America

The Middle Passage

What is the Middle Passage?

The Middle Passage was the crossing from Western Africa to America. They considered the slaves as their 'cargo' during this 1-6 month journey. The slaves were brought to America to be sold. They used the slaves to work on plantations and farms in America.

Slave Ships

The ships varied in shapes and sizes. The slaves were stowed below deck for most of the day. On average, each slave had about 6 sq. ft. of deck space, they had just enough space for their own body, very little room to move. As their journey continued, more space was created because people had become ill and had been killed.

Slave Conditions


With living under these conditions, slaves would try and kill themselves because of either depression or just poor living conditions. They would also try and starve themselves.

Upon Arrival

Once the ship arrived in America, the slaves were cleaned, fed and put up for sale. The slaves that could not get sold were left with the dead.


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