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Let's start a riot!

“The learning process is something you can incite, literally incite, like a riot.”
Audre Lorde

Inciting learning...incite usually has a negative connotation that is followed by a word like riot that brings about images of violence, looting, and chaos. Naturally we don't want our students to behave violently; however, in violence there is passion. The passion that we have as educators, we want so desperately for our students to have. We try to incite this passion in them by allowing them to freely loot the store that is our vast knowledge of our content area. The process that is occurring in their brains, be it learning, preparing for finals, or simply going through their daily routines is definitely a form of chaos. As I have the great fortune of moving around our school and seeing all of the great things that are going on, I see our staff inciting the learning process riot through your passion you share and the knowledge that is freely given that from the chaos creates the most successful students in the state, and for that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday (1/18)- MLK-Teacher In-service-CLI work-please refer to Dr. Miller's email for guidance
  • Tuesday-Thursday (1/19-1/21)- finals week schedule-thanks to our school-wide management team for creating this
  • Friday (1/22)-End of Semester 1
  • Monday (1/25)-Grades finalized by 9 PM
  • Thursday (1/28)-Academic Awards/Mr. PHS in the auditorium-Friday schedule

Classroom Spotlight will return next week

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