computer 7

What is so special about google?

Well, google is a very, very,very, let me say it again very, useful tool. In computer 7 you will use it every day. Google comes with a lot of "faces". Some of google different "faces" are the following

•google drive

•google mail

•google spredsheets

•google shearch engine

Google drive

Google drive is the place were you can save stuff, such as pics, videos, and sheets and stuff of that nature. This is also the place were you create spred sheets, docs, and presentations.

Google mail

Google mail is basicly email. It can send, recive, share, and chat. Google mail is a great tool when used in a school setting so the students get a message instantly, and can share documents with each other. A very cool thing that you can do is when you share a document the person that recived it can edit it, so if you are taking notes you can both be in the same document and you and the sender have the info.

Google spredsheets

Spred sheets is a great tool for graphing and and organizing different info in the same sheet. Spred sheets is very similar to excel. Spred sheets is a very complicated program that is very smart. It can take the info in the colums or rows, and you can tell spred sheets what to do. In spred sheets you must put an = at the beging and then put what ever you want it to do such as =sum(). In the paeentisies you hold down the mouse and drag and select what ever info you want and release your finger and it will calculate it. Some of the different