Stress management

Definition of stress: A state of mental or emotional strain

Bad examples of stress management

1. Consuming too much caffeine

2. Carelessly spending money

3. Emotional eating

4. Smoking

5. Drinking more than you should

6. To sleep all day everyday

7. Ignore the problem

8. Dwell on the negative

9. Staying busy

10. Avoiding people

Good ways to managestress

1. Get some fresh air

2. Follow your regular routine

3. Try and get negative thoughts out of your head

4. Connect with your religion

5. Visualize calm things

6. Take a bath

7. Show people your grateful for them

8. Exercise

9. Playing with a pet

10. Going out with a friend

Examples of things that cause stress in teens

1. Grades

2. Expectations in family

3. Homework/Sports

4. Deadlines

5. To much going on

6. Relationships

Effects of stress

1. Becoming aggressive

2. Driving fast

3. Chewing your nails

4. Eating too much or too little

5. Yelling at people

6. Taking drugs

7. Stomach upset

8. Sleep problems

9. Lack of motion

10. depression

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Facts about teen stress

1. Stress is worse in teens because they're not as experienced in the world compared to adults

2. 1 in 5 students are depressed because of their buildup of stress

3. Females feel it more than males

4. School ranks is the highest stress causer

5. It starts before highschool