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March 18th, 2019

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Don't forget, there is no school for students tomorrow, Monday, March 18th as our professional development continues.

MMA's Literacy Week

What a fantastic week it was studying literacy! Thank you to everyone that came out on Tuesday for our Literacy Night. Students and families engaged in all sorts of literacy based activities such as: participlay, read alouds, bookmark and book making. Special thanks to our literacy committee - Ms. Holly, Ms. Karen, Ms. Kari, Ms. Kirsten, and Ms. Krista for making the magic happen this week.


A boy was talked to by a teacher for not following directions. His peer came over and comforted him, saying "She's [the teacher] trying to help you be successful."

Junior High Intersession

The purpose of intercession in junior high is expose students to new skills, ideas, and interests. In an adolescent Montessori program, intercession is important to teach pedagogy of place (learning in the real world) and valorization of the adolescent. Marta Donahoe, PD Director of the CM Step Program (where many of our junior high teachers trained) writes beautifully about valorization of the adolescent:

Valorization is Montessori’s term for the adolescent’s process of becoming a strong and worthy person. Valorization comes gradually to the adolescent as she realizes she is useful and capable of effort. This is accomplished only by the work of the mind, hands, and heart. It happens when adolescents have appropriate responsibilities and expectations; when they are able to experience the joy that comes from successfully meeting challenges, and the character building that is the result for their restitution when they have made poor decisions.

During the week, Junior High students engaged in all sorts of learning activities during intercession. Some of the activities included:

  • Going to the local library
  • Exploring Ogden's history through a scavenger hunt
  • Creating short stories and poems
  • Playing and learning baseball through stories of baseball
  • Listening to Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi to further their understanding of mathematics
  • Having a camp-in the gym

Special thanks goes out to those parents who volunteered their time to chaperone field trips, spend the night on the gym floor, cooked breakfast for 100 people, donated food, and brought in their family's camping supplies to share.

A very special thanks to Ms. Leigh, Ms. Andria, Mr. Adrian, Mr. Richard, and Ms. Kat who put in a full day's work teaching adolescents, then spent all evening and night with them in the gym to wake up in the morning and teach all day again Friday.

Help with the Junior High Play

We are excited to announce that the junior high will be putting on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We could use help creating and bringing in props! Specific items we will need can be found in Track it Forward.

Yearbooks are still for sale

Yearbook prices have gone up from $20 to $25. Please keep in mind that the payments are due by March 29th. If you want to order one to keep the memories or just want to support our school, you can order your yearbook with the code 13283719.

Sincerely, Yearbook Staff

Student Lunches

In the past few weeks, we have had many children come to the front office who did not have lunches. Thanks to a generous parent donation, the office tries to keep a few emergency cup of noodles and cups of peaches or apple sauce. We have gone through this stash faster than ever. Sometimes we suspect that the child has a lunch but would rather eat a cup of noodles from the office - thereby making these emergency supplies unavailable to others who may truly need it.

Please try to send your child with lunch to school each day. We encourage children to make and remember to bring their own lunches each day. If your family is struggling sending lunch each day, please call or email René to see how MMA can help.

MAPA Information

Online bidding for the Gala Baskets

Thank you families for your support getting donations for our auction and buying tickets to the gala! The auction is currently live! You don’t need to attend the Gala to bid. You don’t even need to have students at MMA to bid; spread the word to friends and family. The auction will close March 23rd at 8:30 pm. If you win, but are not attending the gala, you can claim your prize from 3-4 pm at the school on March 25th or contact Ange at to arrange a time to pickup.
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The end is in sight...

3/18/19 -- Professional Development (No School)

3/21/19 -- The Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair; Dee Events Center

3/23/19 -- State Spelling Bee in SLC

3/23/19 -- 8th Annual Gala at Snowbasin; 7:00pm-9:00pm

3/29/19 -- Yearbook sales end

4/1-5/19 -- Spring Break (No School)

4/8/19- 5/10/19 --State testing (dates and times differ per class)

4/12/19 -- MAPA Meeting at 8:45am in the Conference Room

4/22/19 -- Professional Development (Early Release)

4/22-24/19 -- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Junior High Play

5/3/19 --MAPA Meeting at 8:45am in the Conference Room

5/6-10/19 -- 6th and 9th Grade Field Experiences (Redwoods/Crow Canyon)

5/15/19 -- Box Top Store

5/17/19 -- 9th Grade Graduation

5/20/19 -- Early Childhood bridging ceremony

5/21-24/19 -- Early Release, Parent Teacher Conferences; Book Fair 1:00-7:00pm

5/21/19 --Lower Elementary bridging ceremony

5/22/19 -- Upper Elementary bridging ceremony

5/24/19 --Last day of school

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