Friday News

By: Avery Emma


This week we have worked a lot on math and we have got through a lot. We are taking the test on Friday!! So Make sure you are studying. We also did Acuity Math!! 15 out of 23 of us earned Proficient or Advanced on Acuity Math!

Reading and Writing

We worked hard this week on writing. We are writing about what we feel strongly about for our persuasive essays.

They are finished by Friday!! In reading we have been working on Fantasy Genres books. So in libaray we did book tasting, if you and some othere people wanted to read the same book you are in a book club with them. Make sure to ask your kids what book they are reading and with who!! And if you finished your Literature paper on reading ten books then your kid got to participate in a basketball game agasint Mr.Sissel and Mrs.Walter!! The staff won by a lot but it was really fun!!

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