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Week of October 19, 2020

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We had another Great Week, Huskies!

Hi Huskies!

We had a great week back with all our students! A special welcome to our newly enrolled students this week! We are so happy you are with us! Thank you parents for your support with our new procedures. We could not do it without you.

Please help us keep everyone safe by wearing a mask when entering our building and picking up students at dismissal. Together we can keep safety a priority!

Report card grades are published through Home Access Center.


Log in today and monitor your student progress for the first marking period. We are committed to ensuring all our students are successful.

Lastly, it's Husky Spirit Week! Dress up days are below. Thank you for your participation in advance. In honor of Husky Spirit Week, all in-person students will be receiving a complimentary Husky Water Bottle.

Sending you lots of positive energy!

Mrs. Johanna Sanchez


Husky Masks on Sale

Please click on the link below to Purchase a Husky Mask. We are only accepting payment through My School Bucks at the moment.


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Upcoming Dates to Remember this Month:

  • October 19-23: Husky Spirit Week- Dress Up
  • October 19, 21, and 23- Virtual Bedtime Stories
  • October 21st- SDC Meeting at 3:45 PM

SDC Zoom link and information:
Join Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/9399026995?pwd=a1VRRTNLSGtpa2pEYkIzM1JORWtrdz09
Meeting ID: 939 902 6995
Passcode: 372367
  • October 26-30: Red Ribbon Week

Teachers are holding Fall semester conferences this month. Please schedule an appointment with your child's teacher today.

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Create a Positive Vision!

This month we will teach students to set positive personal and academic goals as they become active participants in the learning process.

What does the word “vision” mean to you? We have to understand what this means before

we can create a positive one!


“The goal is not to be better than anyone else but rather be better than you were yesterday.”

Reflect on this quote by Jon Gordon with your class. How could your students keep their focus on being better than they were yesterday instead of comparing themselves to


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Sample Hearne Classroom

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Updated School Supplies List:

  • Each student should have a personal water bottle, filled with water at home
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitation wipes
  • Masks that cover nose and mouth
  • Personal crayons/markers
  • Personal pencils
  • Personal notebooks

Students must have their own supplies. Students will not be allowed to share any supplies, such as markers, pencils, and scissors.

All students who borrowed technology, should bring it back to campus for in-person learning

All students who borrowed a school device (chromebook or laptop) should bring the device back to campus on the first day of in-person instruction. This device will now remain at school for students to complete Schoology assignments in the classroom.

Thank you for taking good care of the devices!

Don't forget the charger!

Students may bring their own device (laptop or iPads only) to school for in-person learning, according to our BYOD Policy.

Students are responsible for personal devices.

New Parents: Click To Read Welcome Back Family Letter

Click here for details for students who will be returning to face-to-face instruction.

Welcome back to School Huskies- First Day Procedures!

We are excited to welcome our Huskies back to school! We will begin our transiition back to the building for in-person instruction slowly and safely. For safety purposes, no adults other than staff will be able to enter the building. We will make it a special day for our students the best way we can.

Our doors will open at 7:15 AM for breakfast, which is free for all students. Staff members will be stationed throughout the building to assist students as they head to breakfast or their teachers' classrooms. Our hallways are one-way hallways at this time.

Below is a photo of the entrances organized by grade level. Entering through the correct doors will help us get your child to their class safely. Please remind your child of their name, grade level, and teacher name.

All signs will be posted on the first day of school. By utilizing multiple entry points, we are able to minimize the number of people in the hallways. The video located below was created to help everyone visualize how this will all work.

  • If your child needs breakfast, they will enter through the cafeteria doors then head straight to class.
  • If your child will be coming by car, parents should utilize the car rider line and remain in their vehicle. Students should be able to open their own door and exit the vehicle. We will have staff stationed down the car rider line and on their path to breakfast to help as needed!
  • Daycare and bus riders will be dropped as usual and staff will assist students as they go through the hallways.

We are asking all parents to be patient in the drop-off line as we expect the line to move more slowly than in previous years. We will not count tardies the first week of school as long as we still have cars in line. Please help us out by having your child ready to exit the car.

For our little ones, you may want to practice how to unbuckle, put on backpacks, put on their masks, and open the car door. All students will need to exit the car on the passenger side.

Please make sure your child arrives to school with their face covering, water bottle, and backpack so they can get to their classrooms quickly.

Thank you for partnering with us to make this year the best one yet!

Hearne Arrival Procedures for Car Riders
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Breakfast and Lunch

All students in grades Kinder to 4th that choose to eat breakfast will need to arrive between 7:15AM and 7:50AM. When they arrive to school, they will be asked if they would like breakfast. If they say yes, they will enter through the cafeteria doors to pick-up a bag or tray and proceed to their classroom to eat.

When all grade levels return, the week of October 12th, lunches will be at different times depending on the grade level. Please speak with your child's teacher or call the front office for questions regarding the times.

PK students will be given breakfast that they will eat in their classroom.

The cafeteria will not be open for eating in large groups at this time.

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Dismissal Procedures

Our school has changed dismissal to accommodate social distancing. Students will be released more slowly than usual to ensure physical distancing wherever and whenever possible.

Students will be released in this order:

  • Bus Riders
  • Daycare
  • Walkers
  • Car Riders (please expect delays)

All car riders will receive a number tag for all students and siblings. This must be visible and hanging for all vehicles.

Social-Emotional Supports

Please read our social-emotional newsletter for some tips and strategies to support you and your family at home.

Block/Electives Newsletter

Read the Block Team's Newsletter so you are informed about what your child will be doing in specials this week. Make sure they log in each day. We are on a 5-day rotation schedule to match our school week.

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Special Education Team Newsletter

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COVID-19 Student Absence Policy

  • On-Campus Student Absences: If an on-campus student is absent for a reason that is acceptable to the administrator, the student can still earn the daily attendance credit by fulfilling the remote attendance requirement. A staff member will need to call the student about working in Schoology to be counted present remotely.
  • If a student is unable to attend school (including remote learning) because the student is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or because the student has been diagnosed with COVID-19, the absence is to be recorded as an excused absence. As with any medically excused absence, the student will be required to provide documentation.

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  • Visitors will not be allowed without an appointment. Visitors must wear a mask and will be screened before entry.
  • Visitors will not be allowed to eat lunch with their children. We encourage all parents to send student lunches in the morning with students.
  • At this time, we are not allowing cupcakes, snacks, or goodie bags for student birthdays. Teachers will work to make birthdays special in the classroom.

Update: Curbside Meal Services at Hearne continue this week!

Come to Hearne from 5-7 PM, Monday to Friday, to receive your students' breakfast and lunch. Drive through the staff parking lot to receive meal services.

NEW: USDA/TDA has recently announced flexibilities that allow us to feed children in our community at no charge. Children do not have to be enrolled in Alief schools to participate. Please see updated curbside meal information posted on Nutrition website. https://www.aliefisd.net/Page/14238

Thank you to our nutrition staff!

Kindergarten Transportation Guidelines

Visit the Alief ISD Transportation Website: https://www.aliefisd.net/Page/6257


  • If your kindergarten student will ride a school bus home and you want him/her to be met at the bus stop by you or a guardian, the following items must take place.

    • You must fill out a Kindergarten release form and specify the student must be met.
    • You must return the Kindergarten release form to the school office.
    • The school office will then issue a Bright Orange name placard to the parent/guardian.
    • The Bright Orange name Placard is the Only Way a parent/guardian can receive their kindergarten child at the bus stop if you checked that you want him/her to be met at the bus stop by you or a guardian. If you did not get a Bright Orange Name Placard you should contact your school immediately to get one before the first day.
    • If you or your child's guardian fail to show the Bright Orange Placard to the school bus driver the student WILL NOT be released at the bus stop. The student will be returned to the school where the parent/guardian will have to come and pick him/her up.

    Please make sure to carefully read the entire contents of the NEW Kindergarten release form to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

English Kinder Video: https://video.aliefisd.net/show?video=5ebc3267d5b0

Spanish Kinder Video: https://video.aliefisd.net/show?video=3fc459d94e9c

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For more information, please visit www.aliefisd.net/curbside.

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