The unsinkable Titanic Rosa Abbot

by Payton Bolding

getting to know rosa abbot

Rosa Abbot was born on January 10th 1873. when she got on the titanic she was 39 it was April 10th 1912. she was with her two sons. the day the titanic sank they jumped overboard luckily Rosa found a life boat and survived but her boys were lost.

What her life was like on the titanic

The ship was 882 feet long it had 9 decks height was as tall as an 11 story building had 3 anchors weighed 3 tons and carried enough food to feed a small town for months. Rosa and her two boys road third-class Rosa's ticket was 20 and 5 shillings. They had a small room they didn't have very nice furniture and small beds.

what happened to the titanic

On the 4th day of the titanic's maiden voyage at around 11:40 the titanic got its last ice burg warning but one ofb the radio people ignored it. then he saw it, they were headed straight for the ice burg. the captain ordered the wheel to be turned as far as it can and for the water tight compartments to be sealed. the ship scraped the ice burg and a few minuets later the engines stopped. the ship was designed to float if only 4 of the water tight compartments flooded but 5 of them flooded. the ship slowly began to fill up with water. around 12:00 people started jumping over bored because there weren't enough life boats. Rosa and her to boys jumped over bored and Rosa was rescued by a life boat in the water but her sons were lost. a little after 2:00 the titanic diapered into the water.