Why Rainbows Are There

This is why rainbows are there.(We did not do real research)

"Mom, why are rainbows there?" Charlotte said. "That's a long story, are you sure you can stay up that much longer?" her mom said. "Yeah, tell me!" Charlotte said. "Ok........" her mom said. "Once there was seve-" "Wait why does every story start with once?" Charlotte said. I don't know now listen or else I cant tell you the story!" her mom said "Now, once there was seven fairies. They played a huge roll in rainbows. Their names were Scarlet, Tangerine, Lemon, Petal, Raspberry, and Lilac. But the youngest one Taffy wasn't colorful she was white but as Lilac and Scarlet called her LittleMissInvisible. She felt as if she wasn't supposed to be there, when it turned out they were the invisible ones. No one but the leader Raspberry knew that Taffy was the reason their colors could be seen." "Wait, so that's it?" Charlotte said. "No! her mom said "Let me finish."

"One day it rained and a few hours they fairies set off to go to the place they were assigned. White shot out her white and on top, her sisters shot out their colors on top. Soon Taffy realized Scarlet, Tangerine, Lemon, and Petal were all whispering and staring right at her, she then over heard LittleMissInvisible, and got so mad she just left. After Raspberry realized Taffy was gone and their was no more rainbow she followed the White trail. When it ended she saw Taffy net to a fairy train so she flew over to her "WAIT!" Raspberry said. Startled Taffy jumped sending her luggage flying. "Hey, why would you scare me? "Sorry," Raspberry said. What's wrong?" After Taffy told her what happened Raspberry said "Hey look up, the second you left there was no moore rainbow, and you know why? Because you are the most important part of the rainbow, without you were invisible....." "Wow..... I never thought of it that way" Taffy said. "Besides, they're just jealous of their younger sister getting the biggest role." "That's why rainbows are the- oh, good night Char.