January 20, 2015

Hope everyone enjoyed their day off! Here is this week at a glance!


*Barb is out and Janet will be subbing for her

*I am at BOCES for a required Lead Evaluator training today


*Scheduling Committee in LGI 8:30-2:30-Coffee and Lunch will be provided.


*EBT meeting 12-2:30

*Liaison Meeting 2:30

*BOE meeting 6:30 HS Library


*3rd Grade/AIS Reading visit to Caroline Street to observe CKLA modules


*Science Saturday at JHE

*Congratulations to Tim Hilker and his wife. They welcomed a baby boy (Gavin Michael- 8 Ibs 15 oz) to their family last week.

*Congratulations to Carol as she prepares to retire this June. Her care and attention to students and staff has been truly outstanding and she will be missed.

*Please sign up for your announced observation. After this week, I will need to begin assigning weeks to each grade level (for those that have not signed up) in order to be sure I can get all the observations completed.

Scaffolding versus Modifications/Accommodations

I have provided a link which outlines and describes scaffolding. There seems to be some confusion amongst staff when trying to sort out the differences between the accommodations/modifications required on an IEP/504 versus the scaffolding which is required by all teachers for all students. Hopefully this article will provide a bit of clarity.

CKLA Modules

I have been asked by some grade levels where they can find the sequence of themes/units associated with the CKLA modules. Engage NY has all of this information but I have also attached a link to a PDF document which charts out each grade level's expectations. I have also included a link to Reading Street's scope and sequence chart for your review.

Upcoming Data Meetings

As we finish up STAR benchmarking please take some time to review your student's scores as well as the grade level scores. Two very important reports are the growth report as this is similar to how teachers in grades 4-8 receive a score from New York State. It takes into account where the students begin and how far they have grown as compared to peers nationwide. A growth score of 50 is our target. 50 is equivalent to the middle of an effective teaching score. I have provided a link which describes this report in more detail. It will also be important to look at the screening progress monitoring scores. We used this report at the last data meeting to set interventions. Looking at this report, we can easily see which percentile students are falling into and help determine the success of the interventions we are providing. Both of these reports will be reviewed at the data meetings along with other supporting documentation you have from classroom assessments/observations. If time permits we also look at grade level trends in meeting CCSS.