Fever and miscle aches

By: Michael Sirois


The flu one of the most common virus you can get, but also very easy to spread. A vaccine available to the public and ways to help prevent spreading its easy to take care of.

How Widespread is Influenza?

More than 3 million documented cases of Influenza a year. (Mayo Clinic, 2015)

Fewer than half of the United States gets their Flu shots. (CDC, 2014)

The Wellness Wheel/ Triangle

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The Flu can effect your social part of your Wellness wheel and Wellness Triangle by making people not wanting to be around you because you could get them sick but it could also restrict your self to staying at home away from people to reduce spreading.

The Flu Could also Effect the environment It could be a strain of the flu that is just going around the town causing parents, teachers, and many others to get sick.

The flu Can effect both your wellness wheel and triangle physically because it makes you not feel well so you probably wont be excersising you'll be laying in bed or on the couch. Also you wont be eating balanced meals probably only soup because you wont be very hungry and also you don't eat a lot when you don't feel well.

The Flu can effect your emotional health by keeping you out of work or school. When you get behind on a job or school work you tend to get really stressed out and overwellmed


Sneezing in your hand and touching a door knob

Going to the bathroom without washing your hands

Touching your face after touching door knobs, shopping cars..ext

are all influences that can easilly spread the flu virus

A major possitive influence are signs at stores and restraunts reminding employees but also customers to wash there hands before they leave helping to reduse the risk of the flu.

Also The flu shot Something you can get to avoid and help prevent the flu which is advertized in newspapers and magazines even comercialls showing you there available to the public.

Reducing the Risk

1. Wash your hands often

2. Avoid touching your face and or eyes

3. Sneeze and cough into your elbow

4. When you have the flu avoid contact with people

5. Get the Flu Vaccine

6. Carry a container of germ X with you and use it after contact with public items.


Before, After, or even during the flu, you should start thinking of ways to prevent getting the flu again. A goal you can set is wash your hands often. Start sneezing and or coughing into your elbow. Another eat healthy foods to help fight the virus. Ask your doctor ways to help contain or get rid of the flu. Get the appropriate vaccines available to you. All easy goals for you to set for yourself and follow.


The website Below is reliable 1 because its .gov which means usually and uncredited and unbiased website. Another reason its reliable is because its a A federal government website managed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. (, 2016) Another reason is Its connected with many inside and easy to use links which direct you to the CDC


This is what the flu is How you get it, how to avoid it, also what to do when you get it. This flyer contains many ways to keep you safe from the flu virus all you need to do is follow through.

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