English 10B

Week 2 March 5-9

We're Off to a Great Start!

I am thrilled to report that English 10B is off to a wonderful start! I love the energy tenth graders bring to my classroom and I am really enjoying having them back. Music and books are some of my favorite things so it is has been fun adding their music requests to our classroom playlists and helping students choose books for SSR. This week, we will continue our study of literacy narratives and appositives. Our week will end with a test over appositives to send students off on their break.

What's Ahead This Week

  • Monday The "Alexie Literacy Narrative" assignment is due this day. Students will discuss the themes of this work as well as its use of the key features of a literacy narrative. At the end of class, students will take a quiz over these concepts.
  • Tuesday We will pick back up appositives this day with a little review of how they work and then students will participate in a small group activity in which they will identify appositives in complex sentences as well as writing their own. Students will receive appositive practice homework as well.
  • Wednesday Students will learn about the genre of literary nonfiction, as it applies to literacy narratives. We will take some notes over the different text structures of literary nonfiction. Students will begin reading one of the most famous literacy narratives of all time, "Learning to Read" from The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
  • Thursday We will begin class by checking Tuesday's appositive homework. Then, we will dive back into "Learning to Read" by analyzing it's use of the key features of a literacy narrative as well as its structure as a text of literary nonfiction. Students will explore the text's structure as well as the structure of the other two literacy narratives we have read so far (Alexie and Nichols).
  • Friday We will finish up the week with a test over appositives (this will be counted towards the "Assessments" category on Canvas). We will also begin brainstorming for student literacy narratives, with a focus on text structure.

Homework This Week

  • Quiz over the key features of a literacy narrative on Monday
  • Appositives Practice 2 given Tuesday, due Thursday
  • Appositives test Friday

Pics from Last Week

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