GVMS Parent Newsletter

September FALL 2023


We will be NWEA testing September 12th, 13th, and 14th. Please make sure your students come to school with charged minds, bodies, and chromebooks. More to come!
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1/2 Day - October 6th Homecoming

Dear Families,

Please note that October 6th is an early release day for students. GVMS students will be released at 12:30 PM

  • Parent Pickup is 12:30 PM - No supervision after 12:35 PM.
  • Buses will run at 12:30 PM

Students will be served Breakfast and Lunch on October 6th.

We encourage you to make the appropriate arrangements needed, so this does not catch you off guard!

WHY? : You may be asking why we are doing an early release on on Homecoming?

In the past, students at CFL, BUE, and GVMS have not been able to participate in homecoming activities such as the Homecoming Parade due to school dismissal times. Many schools across the country utilize a 1/2 day schedule on their Homecoming Friday to encourage participation and school pride. We are excited to participate at a higher level than we have in the past. Look for GVMS to have up to three floats in the parade.

Transportation: Pick-up and Drop-off Reminders:

  • Please do not park in the bus pick up area. Use parking spaces or drive all the way past our duty person.
  • Doors do not open until after 7:35 AM. (students will not have supervision if dropped off prior to 7:35 AM.)
  • If you are picking your child up after school please be there by 4:10 PM. If you cannot make it please make alternative plans for your child to be picked up or walk no later than 4:10 PM. We will not be able to provide supervision after 4:10 PM.

FEES for Games and Activities at GVMS 23-24

There will be an entry fee for sporting events and activities at GVMS this year. District employees and students that show their ID cards get in at no charge.

The fees are as follows:

Adults $3 per entry.

Student $2 per entry.

(entry fee at the high school is different)

The School Day

Our school day will start at 8:15 AM and go until 4:05 PM.

Doors open at 7:35! Please do not drop students before 7:35 as staff will not be in the building to manage students.

First Bell Rings at 8:05 AM

1st hour: 8:15 – 9:11 AM

2nd hour: 9:15 – 10:11 AM

3rd hour: 10:15 – 11:11 AM

1st Lunch(Crew) 11:15 – 11:46 AM

2nd Lunch(Crew) 11:50 – 12:21 PM

4th hour: 12:25 – 1:21 PM

5th hour: 1:25 – 2:21 PM

6th hour: 2:25 – 3:21 PM

Success: 3:25 – 4:05 PM

Please pick your child up by 4:10PM.

Reminder: New Grading Scale at GVMS


The school year consists of two semesters. The following grading system will be used at Grand Valley Middle School.

A - 90% - 100%

B - 80% - 89.9%

C - 70% - 79.9%

D - 60% - 69.9%

F - 59.9% & under is failing

Make-up Work: (Garfield 16 School Board Policy JH: Student Absences and Excuses)

Make-up work will be provided for any class in which a student has an excused absence unless otherwise determined by the building administrator or unless the absence is due to the student’s expulsion from school. It is the responsibility of the student to pick up any makeup assignments permitted on the day returning to class. There will be 2 business days allowed for make-up work for each day of absence. Make-up work will be allowed following an unexcused absence or following a student’s suspension from school with the goal of providing the student an opportunity to keep up with the class and an incentive to attend school. This work may receive full or partial credit to the extent possible as determined by the building administrator.

Late Work:

Late work will be accepted for up to two weeks from the due date or at the end of the quarter, whichever comes first. Exceptions may be made in order to comply with Garfield 16 School Board Policy JH: Student Absences and Excuses. All late work will be docked 10% and labeled as “Late.”

  • Assignments labeled as “Missing” can still be turned in and will be calculated in the cumulative grade as a zero. Once the assignment is turned in or completed the grade will be updated when applicable. (Please note that current lessons and assignments will take priority.) At the end of two weeks from the due date assignments will be scored as a zero.

Assignments scored as a “zero” will remain as part of the students cumulative grade as the make-up and late work policies have expired.

Honor Roll

Students will be able to be on the honor roll this year.

Eligibility for EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES, athletics, and EVENTS at GVMS


Students are encouraged to participate in our activities program; including clubs, athletics and activities. School sponsored events, including activity nights, will be held during the year. All overdue fees and lunch charges must be paid and up-to-date to attend activity nights.



Our athletic program includes 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. We concentrate on participation and skill development. We do not have a cut policy so all players will participate. Coaches will focus their instruction on skill development and understanding of the sport. This will build a strong foundation for their athletic opportunities in the future.

A word from our Athletic Director:

We believe our GVMS athletics program creates a unique opportunity for students to learn a specific set of life skills. Regardless of the chosen sport, our student athletes will learn how to depend on and trust others, how to work as a team, how hard work can pay off, how to handle the disappointment of a loss and how to be a graceful winner. These and countless other skills are all developed along with the specific skills related to the sport. Coaches, teachers, administrators, parents and students can all attest to the benefits of being involved in sports. We have witnessed how students who become involved in athletics also become more successful in academics. You are strongly encouraged to participate in GVMS Athletics and we very much look forward to helping you become a skilled athlete and a stronger, more confident person.

~ Dana Speakman, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal





B. Basketball

G. Basketball



Track and Field


A student must meet the following conditions to be eligible to participate and compete in athletics.

1. Participants must pay the athletic fee and turn in a current Activity Handbook, Family insurance or sign waiver, Parent Code of Ethics, G16 Consent to Treat, Release Medical Form, Emergency Treatment Form, and, IMPACT Test before the child will be allowed to practice.

2. A player must have participated in a minimum of five practices before he/she can play in his/her first game (seven for football).

4. All athletes must meet academic eligibility requirements. The 1st week of the season will be considered an academic warning. Eligibility will be assessed on a weekly basis. During each sport season, teachers will report failing students by 4:30 P.M. on Thursday. Academic eligibility is based on cumulative grades which reset each quarter. You may not have more than one failing grade to participate in a competition for that week. You will be notified by your coach by Friday if you are not eligible to participate in games for the following week. (Monday to Sunday) If ineligible, you are expected to be at practice and (An athletic study hall will be required Tuesday and Thursday for all ineligible athletes.) You will not be allowed to travel or be on the court or field with your team during the week that you are ineligible. All teachers follow the same grading scale: A: 90–100%, B: 80–89%, C: 70-79%, D: 60-69%, F: 59% and below.

Behavior Eligibility - Students can always be determined ineligible due to behavior as deemed inappropriate by school administration. Students who have In School Suspension (ISS) can attend practice on the day of ISS, but are not able to participate in an athletic event the day of suspension. Students who receive Out of School Suspension (OSS) cannot attend practice during OSS and will miss the next athletic event after the suspension is completed.

Absences from practice:

Sport seasons are very short for middle school. Consequently, athletes will be removed from the team after a second unexcused absence. This improves equity for players who attend practice all of the time. At minimum, a student athlete must be in school for the second half of the day to participate in that day’s competition. Missing practice, excused or unexcused, will affect playing time.

There are no guarantees for equal playing time but it is the goal of the Athletic Director and the commitment of the coaches to be as fair as possible. Parents, if you have concerns about playing equity, please bring this to the attention of your child’s coach first. If no resolution is reached, discuss the matter with Mrs. Speakman, the Athletic Director. Keep in mind, playing time involves many factors such as effort in practice, knowledge of the position (Safety), preparedness, sportsmanship, practice attendance, etc.


Each player will ride the bus with the team to all away games. A player may leave the game only with his/her parent or legal guardian, and the parent or legal guardian must see the coach to sign his/her child out before leaving with the student. Parents, if you wish to arrange for your child to leave an event with someone else, permission must be pre-arranged in writing through the Athletic Director.

2023-2024 Bus (Transportation website)

If you have any questions please contact the Transportation Department at 970-285-5700 ext. 5130

School Supplies

Students will need to come with the following for the 2023-2024 school year.

Pencil Box or Bag


Dry Erase Markers



Glue Sticks

Pocket Folders

Important Dates:

Forms and Information

Medical Forms

Hello and welcome back from the Health clerk. The medical forms you might need are on the GVMS website. If your child will be taking any medication at the school you will need to fill out the proper form. Please have the forms filled out by your child's medical provider before returning to school. Call Julie (970) 285-5707 option 1 to set up a time to bring in your child's medications.

(If you need any medical forms please go the GVMS website)

Opt - Out Form Information

Student Use of the Internet:

Student Use of the Internet and Electronic Communications (District Policy: JS*) - Given that the benefits outweigh the risks, the District will provide appropriate Internet access to each student, unless that student's parents/guardians have indicated in writing that they prefer to deny their child such access. If you would like to opt your student OUT on internet access please notify the GVMS office at 970-285-5707.

Student Image Publishing:

Student Image Publishing (District Policy: JRA/JRC-E-3-) Classroom activities and school events are sometimes photographed or videotaped by the school or media groups (newspaper, television, university, district public relations, etc.) In addition, the district or school may want to post articles, video, or photography on district or school websites.

(Public events such as sporting events, theatre productions, etc. are open to the public and are not covered by this form.)

Opt-Out Form for Student Image Publishing

If you DO NOT want your child’s photograph, video, and/or electronic image to be published for news media or school publicity purposes, please complete this form, and return it to your GVMS by September 3rd.


Q: When is the 1st day of School?

A: Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

Q: What are school start and end times

A: The first bell rings at 8:05 and the first class starts at 8:15. The last bell rings at 4:05.

Q: Where can I get my schedule?

A: Student schedules will be available on August 9th at our back to school night.

Q: What school supplies will my child need to provide?

A: Please see the list above.

Q: Can my child ride a bus to school.

A: Yes! Please contact our director of transportation, Steve Gardner, for any questions or for more information at (970) 285-5700 ext 5130.

Q: What kind of technology will my child have access to?

A: All students at GVMS will have their own Chromebook. They will be able to take their Chromebooks home with them. We highly encourage you to purchase Chromebook insurance to protect you in case of accidental damage. Technology insurance forms will be sent home with students on the 1st day of school.

Q: Will there be a back-to-school event this year?

A: Yes! Open House for GVMS students and parents will be Wednesday, August 9th from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm.