Warning! Malviridae Virus Outbreak!

Read this information so you can be prepared!

Attention! Is a new pandemic on the rise?

Earlier last week, the first ever case of Malviridae was reported in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since then, it has spread like wildfire through the U.S. and has even started to infect other parts of the world like West Africa and Asia. This is a very new threat to the world and World Health Organization feels a need to warn and educate innocent victims of this new potential pandemic and to offer safety advice.

How to Know if You're Infected

First stages- Mild cold symptoms:

- chills

- fever

- coughing

- sneezing

- achiness etc.

This makes the virus hard to recognize in the first stages, but if you are concerned or have been exposed to someone with the virus, then visit your local doctors office.

Middle Stages- Virus is progressing and victim's discomfort will start to increase. Symptoms are similar to strep throat:

- severe throat pain

- swollen lymph nodes

- high fever

- difficulty swallowing

If you are developing these symptoms after you have experienced cold symptoms, go to the doctor right away! You're better off knowing that you don't have Malviridae than assuming that you don't.

Final Stage- Seek medical attention immediatley... This stage can be fatal:

The epithelial cells in the throat suddenly swell like the victim is experiencing an allergic reaction. The person will wheeze and have trouble breathing like something is constricting their airway. Dial 9-1-1 and explain to them that the person is experiencing the symptoms of the final stage of the Malvirdae virus and that you need help right away. Follow the dispatchers instructions and hope for the best!

About the Virus- Things You Should Know

How Malviridae was Created

Malviridae was actually created in cows that were used for meat. It has been developing over many years but has just now discovered a way to infect humans. These cows were forced to eat corn even though their bodies are naturally made to eat hay and grass. Corn makes them grow faster and ready to slaughter sooner, which is good for business. The problem is, forcing these cows to eat corn was doing many bad things to their health. In order to try and reduce some of the symptoms, farmers fed these cows many different types of antibiotics and medicines. The problem is that these viruses eventually became immune to all of these different things that were trying to fight it off. Instead of preventing the virus it actually caused it to become very adaptable.

FInding a Cure and Discovering a Vaccine

It is going to be extremely tough for scientists to develop a vaccine because this virus is very unique in terms of its lack of human exposure and antibodies to fight it off. As explained before, this virus has become highly adaptable to its surroundings because of how it was made. The thing that makes this virus so deadly and hard to vaccinate against is that it has already become immune to so many different antibodies and vaccines that have been used to protect against them. Also, Malviridae is constantly mutating. This is where the problem occurs. Even if scientists were able to create a vaccine that built an immunity to the current strand of virus that was infecting people, there would be no way to get it to everybody in time before the next mutation occurred. Yes, you might call the Malviridae virus some sort of "super virus."

Prevent Yourself from Getting Infected

Be Prepared!

ISASS: Emergency Procedure

Now that this virus is a potential threat to your life, you may be wondering how you are going to protect yourself and your family. If you follow the steps of ISASS, you will have no need to worry.

Identify the Problem:

In this case, the problem is the outbreak of the Malviridae virus. You should be aware of the following things:

  • This virus is deadly.

  • Scientists worldwide have not yet found a vaccine, but are working on one.

  • This virus is highly contagious.


Nobody knows how long this virus will be a threat, so you need to be prepared and stock up on basic necessities. Start off by visiting your local supermarket. The sooner you go the better because everybody will be stocking up and stores will run out of supplies quickly.

  • Buy at least fifteen cases of water bottles because tap water might become contaminated.

  • Make sure to buy enough non-perishable food items to last half a year. Stay away from the items like fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, and eggs. These things will spoil and they’re the more likely to be infected.

  • You will need a few flashlights and three packs of batteries to keep them powered. You want to be prepared if there’s ever a power outage.

  • A final thing that you will need to buy if you don’t already have them are clean blankets. I would suggest ordering them to be shipped to your house directly from a factory. This way you’re insuring that no infected person has touched them at the stores.

Avoid Contact:

The best way to prevent yourself from getting the virus is obviously to avoid contact with it.

  • Avoid anything with cow meat in it at all costs! This is the number one way that people have become infected with the disease because the virus originated from cows!
  • Wear a gas mask to protect your face and lungs. Wear a plastic suit, slippers and latex gloves at all times.
  • Try to avoid public places as much as possible but if you do have to go out, make sure you are wearing your gear. It doesn’t matter how you look, it’s all about safety.
  • Make sure your family also follows these same procedures. You can never be too careful with your family because you never know if they have the virus. Don’t make any exceptions for them because it could be a fatal mistake!


The next step to staying virus free is to separate yourself from everyone and everything.

  • If possible, move to a house in a country in the middle of nowhere, miles away from any humans. Once, you get there, assign each of the members in your family to a separate room and then ration out the food. Do not interact with them until you have gotten the all clear that the virus is gone.
  • We realize that this might not be very accessible for many families. In this case, lock yourself in your basement! Take the necessities that you have gathered and hide out there until the virus is gone.

Stay Connected:

The final step in this safety procedure is to stay connected.

  • Add a small TV, a battery powered radio, and your cell phone to the list of things you will need to bring.
  • Take these things to your safe house in the country or your basement and keep one on at all times. You can use them to check for updates on things like if a vaccine has been discovered for the virus, the death rate, and how far the virus has spread.
These things are also helpful to stay in touch with your family members once you are separated from them.
Now you know all of the steps of ISASS! Follow this procedure and you will have no need to worry about the virus! I hope this helped and good luck!