New York Made by Julia

The Empire State

Things To Do

There is a park called Central Park, where you can bike, run, ice skate, or visit a zoo. People enjoy plays and musicals on a street called Broadway. There is also a zoo called the Bronx Zoo in the Northern part of New York City to see animals.


Thousands of years ago, Native Americans settled in New York. The Native Americans farmed a lot because there was rich soil. Civil rights ended in New York. Some people that live in New York fought in the Civil War.


Farmers raise dairy cows and grow apples, cherries and sweet corn. People also work in factories. Some people catch oysters in the Atlantic Ocean, calms, fish and lobsters and sell it in grocery stores. Some people work on Wall Street where people sell stocks. Stock means sharing ownership in a company.


In New York there are lots of mountains but they are not high. By the Atlantic Ocean there is a beach. New York has eight thousand lakes. Hudson River is the longest river in New York. Forest covers half of New York.