Phoenix Jones

by Alex Compton

Who's Phoenix Jones?

Phoenix Jones has been risking his life to stop drug dealing and crime. Phoenix Jones is one of the first superhero's he has been crime fighting for 3 years. His real name is Ben Fodor he was a professional in the MMA.

Phoenix Jones is the first real superhero. He is located in Seattle Washington. His super group is known as the Rain City Superhero Movement. Phoenix Jones sidekick is his wife known as Purple Reign. He is also a father and a brother. Ben Fodor used to teach autistic children until his boss heard about him crime fighting then fired him. He wanted to become a hero so he can stop crime around the world.

Phoenix Jones Super Suit & Gadgets

Phoenix Jones super suit is black and stretchy rubber with a bullet proof vest. His suit is based off of Nightwing from Batman. His gadgets include net gun, pepper spray, pepper spray grenade for big crowds, and handcuffs.

Where is Phoenix Jones Now?

Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign went to London for superpower summit to test their crime fighting capabilities in 2013.