Sheela Jane Rao

Art Teacher @ Elementary school

Utilizing Email: Sheela Jane Rao

With any job in the year 2013, you’re most likely going to need an email address if not a cell phone, and in some cases they are the same thing! Sheela Jane Rao knew this when she first starting being an entrepreneur and to this day she still adores the power of email.

There are certain things that make having an email account better:

If an emergency comes up or you get overwhelmed and need to contact your boss/client/coworker immediately, email allows for that. It is the quickest, most direct route to addressing someone without being as invasive as a phone call. Sheela Jane Rao doesn’t think there will ever come a time when there is a better way to get a hold on someone without completely interrupting their current situation.

The boundaries are limitless! One of Sheela Jane Rao’s favorite aspects of email is its ability to contact someone on the other side of the country almost immediately. While she admits she may never full understand just how that happens, Sheela Jane Rao is in total support of it!

It is cheap. Today’s world is expensive and demanding. Getting away with a day that you don’t spend any money is hard to come by. However, as stamp prices rise, Sheela Jane Rao advocates even that much more for email because it has no individual charge. Your fee is the same whether you send 100 emails or none! As an average man or woman living in the United States in 2013, Sheela Jane Rao suggests using email as your primary source of communication because it isn’t always attached to you like a cell phone is (disregard for smart phones), and yet it keeps lines of communication almost always attached between both/all parties. “Believe in the future by using it now,” said Sheela Jane Rao.

Going After Your Dream: Sheela Jane Rao

It isn’t always easy to give up something comfortable just to take a risk on getting where you want to be. It can be scary and you may regret it but then again... you might not. Sheela Jane Rao took that chance on herself when she became an event coordinator and started her own company. At first, all the different factors that went into the decision got the best of her, such as money, time, and location. However, once Sheela Jane Rao made the leap to pursue her dreams she was able to be happy knowing her actions were worth it. She wasn’t just going to work to get a paycheck and then going home. Sheela Jane Rao was having fun every day at work and meeting amazing people that were doing the same thing with their lives.

Sheela Jane Rao believes that if you are around other people who want to be where they are then you tend to all feed off one another’s positive energy. And if you continue to put down any negative thought that hijack your day and you keep striving towards that one big ultimate dream (which Sheela Jane Rao believes we all have), you will come out with a much more rewarding experience. Sure, it is still okay to doubt yourself but it is not okay to let the doubt win. Cut yourself a break and know you’ve earned this right to happiness, says Sheela Jane Rao.

Sheela Jane Rao says the money may not always pay the best but you will be immensely happy and if you ask anyone who has lived either one of those extremes, they’ll tell you being happy is all that counts. Challenge yourself to accomplish what you really want out of life and make your dreams a reality. Sheela Jane Rao says in her case, she has never made a better decision than the one to follow her passion.

Sheela Jane Rao’s Life as an Event Planner

Working as a full-time event coordinator is not just planning parties; Sheela Jane Rao can vouch for that. Sheela Jane Rao has the pleasure of being an event planner and finds that much of her time is spent scheduling and making phone calls rather than picking out tablecloth colors. Sure, she gets to be creative in her job and is able to interact with a variety of interesting people, but it still takes a lot of serious work and buckling down to get through everything.

Sheela Jane Rao says one of her favorite aspects of working as an event coordinator is the diversity. Each day brings new people to work with and new ideas to bounce back and forth because each event needs to be uniquely addressed. Of course, Sheela Jane Rao has a method of going about planning events, but the reason behind each project is all its own.

However, Sheela Jane Rao says the paperwork can be a bummer about the job. But everything has its pros and cons and she’ll take a little extra paperwork so long as she doesn’t have a dull desk job doing the same useless work every day. Sheela Jane Rao likes affecting people’s lives with her work and being the reason things get done and people know where to go. Many of the events handle formal business matters and Sheela Jane Rao enjoys taking some stress off the business men and women by making it easy for them to know where and when they have to be somewhere.

Details make or break an event, so Sheela Jane Rao loves making use of her Communications degree to secure every minute detail to make sure things run smoothly. Sometimes things will change at the last second and alter many other aspects of an event, but Sheela Jane Rao says it is all just part of the game.

Devoted Catholic: Sheela Jane Rao

Sheela Jane Rao’s faith is extremely important to her. She has been active in the Catholic Church for a very long time and enjoys the peace she feels whenever she is praying or meditating. One of the great aspects of being a Catholic is how often she can notice the good in others. Sheela Jane Rao says that every time she is starting to become negative and life’s problems get the best of her, she knows it is time to pray.

Before she became the phenomenal event coordinator that she is today, Sheela Jane Rao was a Catholic school art teacher for elementary students. While the career ended up not being the right fit, she did enjoy the bond she shared with students and their families: the bond of religion. It is true that religion can push people away from one another, but Sheela Jane Rao says she has seen more people come together over faith. “It is a beautiful thing to see people with opposite views come together over their kindness and ability to see what really matters in life: one another,” stated Sheela Jane Rao.

Now as an event coordinator with her own company, Sheela Jane Rao helps coordinate events and galas for churches and charities; it is her own way of giving back. Even if she isn’t always able to enjoy the events she plans because she is worried about one thing or another, Sheela Jane Rao knows it can be just as rewarding making it enjoyable for others.

Sheela Jane Rao finds her becoming an event coordinator to be God’s will because for so long she didn’t know where her path in life would take her. Sure enough, after some prayer, time, and thought Sheela Jane Rao found her passion and was able to make it her life’s pursuit.

Sheela Jane Rao’s Value in Art Therapy

Art is a beautiful form of communication and Sheela Jane Rao believes it has the power to help us deal with internal issues we may not have even realized we were harboring. Sheela Jane Rao has not only had experience working as an art teacher having a firm grasp of the power of art in children’s hands, but she has also worked with adults on art therapy. She noticed that children tend to be more honest in their art immediately, while adults try to conceal it and it is only over time that they gradually express themselves fully.

Sheela Jane Rao says art therapy is great for people with emotional problems and diseases alike because it allows room for an expression that may not be found in any other medium. Sheela Jane Rao’s favorite art therapy is through paint, often times directly with your fingers. She says this direct connection and control over the paint can bring about healing in an individual. Another great form of art to use as therapy is sculpture, which is also hands-on and requires less direct focus, which Sheela Jane Rao says allows the unconscious to come through better.

Sheela Jane Rao says art is a wonderful way of understanding the perspective of someone else and therefore understanding their emotions better. Sheela Jane Rao uses art personally to calm herself down when things get out of control. If someone doesn’t understand art therapy, Sheela Jane Rao suggests giving it a try. There are some interpretations available online; however, seeing a specialistis your best bet. You may be pleasantly surprised and enlightened.

Art has similar effects as playing a sport: 1) It takes your mind off your life, 2) It encourages focus and energy but in a very fluid, casual way, and 3) They both promote self-health!

The Importance of Communication: Sheela Jane Rao

Sheela Jane Rao knew the importance of communication when she was young, which is why she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in this all-encompassing major. It has since paid off quite a bit for her and allowed her entrepreneurship dreams to become a reality. Sheela Jane Rao says communication allows both parties in a business setting (or as many are involved) to feel like they are able to contribute to the end goal. This not only builds team character but also creates a great rapport between everyone.

One of the most important things Sheela Jane Rao says people need to remember about communication is that the listening is just as important as the talking. The roads have to be open for everyone to be heard and appreciated. In her company, Sheela Jane Rao tries to make sure everyone knows that their opinion matters and that she wants them to contribute to bettering the company and the events they coordinate.

Sheela Jane Rao believes communication is very important because technology can only go so far. No matter how advanced people become with computers and the like, people will also strive for personal interaction. Sheela Jane Rao states she doesn’t want her company’s employees to feel like they are being replaced with technology or that she doesn’t value their unique perceptions, so she tries to touch base with each person at least once a week. Communication is not always easy to maintain but is necessary for success.

Even while she was in school Sheela Jane Rao would communicate with her professors about the classwork so she was always completely positive about where she needed to be. If she fell behind, it was never by too much because she kept lines of communication open to keep her in check. This helped Sheela Jane Rao build better relationships and encouraged her to always ask questions.

Former Art Teacher: Sheela Jane Rao

Sheela Jane Rao has had a long journey leading her to the career of an event coordinator. While it’s ironic that she has the perfect Bachelor’s degree to coincide with her current career, it turns out that Sheela Jane Rao was originally an elementary school art teacher. Being an art teacher allowed Sheela Jane Rao to use her creativity in a unique way every day, and she enjoyed the energy from her students. Sheela Jane Rao first became an art teacher because she wanted to inspire children to love art as much as she did. She still reminisces about introducing the kids to new projects as often as she could and describes seeing their reactions as some of the most genuine smiles she has ever seen. Sheela Jane Rao loves children and was always continually learning from her students as much as she tried to teach them.

However, it seemed she was looking to pursue something even more fulfilling. Sheela Jane Rao decided to pursue life as an entrepreneur and has since created her own company that plans events and venues for clients such as: charities, corporations, parties, galleries, and VIP events. This company is unlike most event planning businesses because Sheela Jane Rao made sure to incorporate concierge services. This is one less stress Sheela Jane Rao can take off her guests which allows them to either enjoy themselves or get down to business more easily, both of which are very important.

In addition, Sheela Jane Rao’s company offers personal assistant services. Since Sheela Jane Rao was a personal assistant for CEOs in the past, she is very appreciative of the work they do. She offers them to clients as part of her company’s services because she firmly believes giving everything you have the first time will guarantee clients return a second time!

Former Fashion Merchandiser: Sheela Jane Rao

One of Sheela Jane Rao’s favorite hobbies is fashion. She enjoys the endless amount of styles in the world and the limitless types of people that wear them. Sheela Jane Rao is a huge fan of expression and believes what you wear is one of the sincerest forms of expression possible. So it makes sense to know that Sheela Jane Rao used to work as a fashion merchandiser.

A fashion merchandiser is a buyer hired by a store, generally a department store, to determine what items the store will sell to its customers. The fashion merchandiser needs to have a keen eye for upcoming trends and they usually work closely with designers. Sheela Jane Rao says there are buyers for smaller boutiques and these individuals tend to have more control over promotion, while buyers for bigger stores have various levels of superiority.

A successful fashion merchandiser needs to know how to read people and communicate what they know well so they are better able to support their decisions. Sheela Jane Rao is a fantastic communicator and knows trends that have come and gone for decades! These qualities made her a very successful buyer and allowed her to learn even more than she ever expected about how fashion gets from thread to rack.

As a fashion merchandiser/buyer, Sheela Jane Rao was able to implement the skills she acquired in college as a Communications/PR major. There were many cases where Sheela Jane Rao had to work with advertisement and marketing as part of her job duties. This helped sharpen her skills and prepare her for a career of event coordination. As an entrepreneur and event coordinator, Sheela Jane Rao is able to utilize most of the skills she has learned in previous jobs to make the most of the one she has now.

Sheela Jane Rao: Advice on Staying Positive

It is easy to see the negative every day; the real challenge is seeing the light. Sheela Jane Rao believes in trying to stay positive even when the going gets rough. Whenever she starts to feel badly about the way things are playing out, Sheela Jane Rao follows a specific routine to get back to a positive outlook:

1. Believe you will make it. No one else is going to believe you will achieve your goals unless you prove to them there is no other way. Sheela Jane Rao suggests that if you are going to be your own biggest fan, you might as well be cheering mighty loud.

Anytime you hear yourself saying “no” or any other negative sounding word, Sheela Jane Rao advises you to cut yourself off and take a minute to look at everything you’ve already done for yourself. Then, believe you can do more.

2. Encourage yourself. Sheela Jane Rao understands that some days make it just a little bit harder to get out of bed but if you’re ever going to meet the day with a smile on your face on days like that, prepare! For example, write out positive quotes and hang them around your room or say a prayer first thing in the morning to remind yourself to appreciate that God’s given you another chance to make it right, suggests Sheela Jane Rao.

3. And lastly, Sheela Jane Rao advises ridding your life of people that put you down or scoff at your dreams. Sadly, those people will exist and it will never be easy to move past them. Sheela Jane Rao has dealt with a few naysayers herself and is now able to say it’s worth it to cut them off, and she’s saying it from the other side of success! Listen to her and believe in yourself.