Internet Safety

For Young Elementary School Students

It's important to know how to have fun online safely!

Here Are Some Rules for Using the Internet

#1 - Never share your password!

Don't let your friends know your password for anything on your computer. Anyone with your password can get into your account and change things! Only your parent or guardian should be allowed to know your password.

#2 - Never post personal information!

If something is posted on the internet, it is very likely that strangers could see it. Just like you wouldn't tell strangers on the street your name and address, you shouldn't post your name and address on the internet!

#3 - Never send pictures to strangers!

Just like your name and address, some things should be kept to yourself on the internet. If you do not know someone in person, do not send them pictures!

#4 - Never open emails from strangers!

If you get an email from someone you don't know, do not open it. Sometimes emails can contain a virus that can hurt the computer! To help keep the computer safe, only open emails from people you know.

#5 - Never let something uncomfortable go unnoticed!

Tell an adult if someone on the internet tells you something that is hurtful or creepy! If it something on the internet makes you uncomfortable, tell an adult so they can help you.

#6 - BE NICE!

Treat other how you want to be treated. Don't say mean things that could hurt others!
Below is a fun video that talks about some of the rules for internet safety!
Internet Safety for Kids K-3
Below is a made-for-kids search engine, to help kids safely find the information they need!

Enjoy using the internet safely!

By: Caitlin Tharpe



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