Middle East Times

By: Damian Romero

New or Old?

Casbahs are older sections of Algerian cities. Some Algiers like to live in the newer parts of the cities with modern buildings and broad streets, but some like to live in the casbahs with narrow streets, stopping to bargain with merchants on the streets.

Farms by Floods?

An alluvial plain is built by rich fertile soil left by river floods. Iraqis like to farm in the fertile soil in the alluvial plain made by river floods.

Digging for Water?

An aquifer is a underground rock layer that water flows through. In Lybia there are no permanent rivers, so the government had to build pipelines to carry water from aquifers.
Water 101: The Aquifer

What? Berbers?

The Berbers were the first people known to live in North America.

Weird Acronym?

O.P.E.C. stands for the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It works to increase income from the sale of oil.
All About - OPEC

Problems with the Aswan Dam?

Two of the main problems with the Aswans Dam is that it blocks the flow of silt and it prevents fresh water from reaching the delta.