The New Kingdom

By: Harrison Mullen, Owen Medrano, and Dimitri Pezaris

First Female Pharaoh?!

Hatshepsut, daughter of Thutmose I, recently became pharaoh due to Thutmose II's death. She has started to have herself depicted as a manly pharaoh. Also, she has stopped wearing her dresses and started wearing the traditional outfit of an average pharaoh would wear. She sent people on a trade mission --not knowing what they would receive. They ended up coming back to her land with bananas, ivory, gold, spices, woods, and aromatic trees.

Recent Weather

We have been having some nice weather recently. Nice clear skies, but also very hot. We will be expecting this for the next few days or so. Although, we are expecting thunderstorms in a week. Sorry kids, no playing outside then. The weather should clear up after those few thunderstorms.

Cloths Cloths Cloths!!!!!

There has been a new brand of cloths for women. It is a style that is modeled after Hatshepsut's style. Although her disapproved looks the sales are going through the roof. They are being sold all over Egypt. Merchants trained in sewing are creating Hatshepsut merchandise.

Building Buildings!!!

Hatshepsut has now commissioned, 50 buildings and shrines. This is a massive amount and is a new record. She has already created her own tomb. One of the buildings she had created was her massive temple on the other side of the Valley of the Kings. Although this is an enormous amount she has done it in less than 10 years.

More About Thutmose II's Death

Thutmose II's death, was it staged or not? Thutmose II died in 1479 B.C. Thutmose II had a son, but he was way to young to be pharaoh. The only option to take over was Hatshepsut. Her dad, Thutmose I, promised her that she would be pharaoh after him. Was Hatshepsut jealous about Thutmose reigning instead of her? Could she be the reason for Thutmose II mysterious death?


Our first female Pharaoh has done the undone when she sent people into the uncharted territory past Nubians on a trade mission. As said before, they brought back many things (in exchange for gold) like bananas, ivory, spices, and aromatic trees. This has spiked the economy in trade and merchant stores. This new ivory can be used for many things, such as creating arrowheads and mining tools, but is is too heavy.

Amen-Re's Temple

As you may know, temples are one of the main architectural innovations right now. They are also the most important buildings around. The god named Amen-Re, a.k.a Chief of the Gods, had a temple built for him at Karnak. This temple was actually a jail. Each column weighed about 100 tons.

Remembering Ahmose

Ahmose, our beloved king, started the eighteenth dynasty. He became the first pharaoh in the eighteenth dynasty in 1539 B.C. His dad Kamos conquered the Hyksos to regain power of Egypt. While doing that he was successful, but he died before they finished them off. So, Ahmose had to lead the Egyptians to victory!!

Farming Report

As you all know, farming is our main source of food. So far, the crops are doing well. We are growing are wheat, barley, vegetables, and figs. However, Hatshepsut is predicting a flood. So, she made a trade for bananas!

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