American Red Cross (Global)

Clara Barton

What did Clara Barton do to help the community

Clara Barton's (Global) Red Cross has helped the community by helping people that have been displaced from a natural disaster or man made disaster.

Impact on the Community

Clara Barton's Red Cross helped all of those who were shot or injured and needed help in the war.To this day Red Cross still helps the ones in need from disasters.

Back ground information

Clara Barton, Birth date and place, December 25,1821 Oxford,Massachusetts Death date and place, April 12,1912 Glen Echo, Maryland.Clara Barton's parents names are ( dad, Stephen Barton/mom Sara S.Stone.

What can I do to help the community?

What I can do to help my community is start a year round lawn service.All year I would do something for example in Summer I could cut the person's lawn,trim hedges and tree branches,paint old barns,sheds,or porches.In Winter I would shovel there drive way, chip ice,and help decorate the house.In Fall I could rake leaves,cut grass one last time before winter if there is no snow on ground,shovel drive way if there is snow.In Spring I could shovel the drive way if there is snow,cut grass if snow is gone and it is dry.Another thing I could do is sell cold drinks for people that run/walk by and sell water for their dogs if they have one.Then I would mail or bring the money to the hospitals to help the ones hospitalized that need money for drugs/medicine and I would do the same for the ones with cancer and especially my kinder garden cousin James who has leukemia.