Changing Pattern of Commerce

How the ICT industry has impacted the way we shop

With the growing use of ICT in every aspect of our everyday life, have we and our shopping habits been shaped by the easy access that the internet provides and the increasing number of online retailers that seem to know exactly what we want?

The following presentation explores how ICT has made an impact on the everyday and what new methods have been introduced to improve the shopping experience.

Music - what ever happened to good old vinyls?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, the music industry has dramatically changed, seeing the introduction of downloads and online streaming. Previously, if you wanted music you had to go out and buy it, usually in the form of a CD or vinyl. The recent momentous rise of online music retailers such as iTunes has meant that if we want new music, all we simply have to do is clicked on the desired song on our iPods and wait while it downloads straight into our hands. Unfortunately for high street music retailers like HMV, the demand for hard copies of music has declined, affecting the economies income.

Production Lines

Another huge development is that of production lines. Since they were first introduced in 1913 they have revolutionised how products are produced in mass. Unfortunately, the costly procedure of reprogramming the machines on the line has meant that more products are very similar, to keep the costs of production low. Additionally, as the goods are made by machines, it is easier for other countries to mass produce the same or similar design, removing originality from products that would have previously been hand finished in their country of origin.

Growth of Online Retailers

Online giants such as Amazon and dominate the online industry, allowing access to thousands of people worldwide. The growing popularity of online shops has taken the majority of the High Street's business, particularly damaging the book stores as online retailers typically sell the same books but with a 70% reduction due to them bulk ordering the goods.
ICT And Business: The Great Revolution